Tuesday, October 11, 2011

not the colour purple

Before I say anything....did you hop on over to Emily's blog and check out the mini release? TWO new Uptown Girls...they are so urban chic how can you NOT resist them, and their funky Uptown Christmas tree!!! To temp you even further she is offering free shipping on orders over $55 with the code freeshippingoctober! Seriously, what is stopping you!!!! GO LOOK!

Moving on to my journal and this weeks theme. I am not fond of the colour purple, my fav colour is green, not pure green like that Christmas green....I REALLY don't like that colour, but greens with yellow or blue undertones. Limes, turquoise, olives....those kind of greens. And when you mix them up together it is even yummier. Emily's AJ challenge this week was to create a page using your fav colour and here it is....all pretty in green!

Prior to making this page I was watching a video workshop with Beryl Taylor that I downloaded from Cloth Paper Scissors. She does these amazing things with paper, fabric, stitching, and beading. That inspired me to dive into my fabric stash and make these little quilted squares. 

Then I tore the page from a dictionary that had the definition of green and everything else just sort of fell into place. And I must say it really felt good to sew on fabric instead of paper for a change and I'm sure it made the Bernina happy too! This page really makes me smile when I look at it.

Not sure yet what our challenge will be next week yet, but Emily said she would be posting it on the blog later today so for sure I'll be stalking.

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Riet said...

What a gorgeous card Linda.

Hugs Riet.xx


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