Friday, April 25, 2014

How 'bout some cute overload!

Michelle from Purple Onion contacted me a few weeks ago asking if I would consider doing up some samples for her upcoming Stacey Yakula release, A Beautiful could I not! These stamps are just adorable and Stacey's art is so whimsical and fun it just makes me smile. With all the snow and cold we have had here in southwestern Ontario I was SO ready for some spring cute overload.

As I was colouring these up last weekend I watched my bunnies came out of hiding and return for another year of Linda vs the Bunnies in which Linda tries to minimize the damage to her garden of annuals and perennials. This has been an ongoing battle for a few years now and it won't be long before I have a yard full of baby bunnies eating up the tender young growth of my plants. GRRRRRRR! I don't deny that they are cute as anything, but man oh man, they can sure be destructive.

So thinking of those babies I decided to make my cards into something suitable for those spring babies, hopefully of the human variety :)

How cute with this be for twins, or maybe a new addition!
Featuring: Blossoming Perch, Finch, Robin and Beautiful Day Sentiment Set

The bunnies in my yard are NOT this cute! They certainly would not pick a flower and give it to me, they would EAT IT!
Featuring: Chloe, Blooms and Beautiful Day Sentiment Set

I'm still working on more samples so come back soon....BUT....if this is not enough to tempt you head on over to Purple Onion Designs because for one week only you can purchase the entire Beautiful Day collection for 30% off!
See you soon!


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