Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I got a new toy!

A Lifestyle Crafts Letterpress!

Seriously! How fun is this! I had read mixed reviews on it, one lengthy review said you should get a new plate and brayer to spread your ink, the plates break, etc. so I was somewhat apprehensive but I have ALWAYS loved the look of engraving and thought I'd give it a shot. I had my wedding invitations engraved and never once regretted spending the extra money to do that.

I went into this with no great expectations and decided to use the equipment that came in the box and my first attempt was no less than this was my second attempt...the b'day card I sent to my mother in law last week. Ya, the brayer could be better, but it worked fine and I tried it both on the supplied soft cotton paper and then on some hot press watercolor paper. I admit, the letterpress cotton paper worked MUCH better, but the watercolor paper wasn't too shabby either. I'll try again on a cold press paper and see how that turns out.

Look at this closeup, you can REALLY see the ink sitting in the debossed impression! IS THIS YUMMY OR WHAT! I have several sets of plates and think it is time for me to take a day off to really get inky with my new toy.

That's it for today!

Later, Linda


CreaRenata said...

Wow, Linda, this looks absolutly stunning! Never seen this before!

dolcreations said...

Wow Linda...this is so pretty!I love your post below as well. You have such an eye for colour! Beautifully done Linda!

Cards by Cheryl said...

I have been wanting one of the lifestyle press letterpress machines for A LONG time. I read the reviews as well and wondered how good it really I HAVE to get one.

I haven't been able to find it in Vancouver though...might just have to go across the border.

Thanks for the post

Kerri said...

hey there the card is beautiful..try lots of em and please share I have a birthday coming up and this is one of the things i am interested in..let me know the ups and downs thks for sharing..

Sherri said...

Gorgeous!! Darn it, now there is something else I would love to get! It never ends does it?

CraftyViolet said...

I haven't seen too much on this product at all. I'm usually pretty cautious buying some of these too because sometimes they just don't add up to her hype - but looks like this one did! Love your card.

ms.espresso said...

I love it! I have one sitting in my studio that has been much neglected, I keep meaning to pull it out... gotta get on that this weekend maybe! You've inspired me :)

Beth Norman said...

Oh my, oh my. How beautiful. Your colouring and colouring are outstanding. Encore, encore.

Anonymous said...

Ok, this is stunning!!


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