Friday, April 30, 2010

Another candle on your cake?

Well that's no cause to pout!

And that is exactly what Jill is two is doing...she's got a HUGE pout going on. It just makes me smile because my kids (although they are boys) were more like Jill than Toby. I don't recall them EVER throwing themselves on the ground and pitching a fit but they had that pout down to a fine art! Our challenge this week was to use uninked rubber! Well I have SOOO much of it so I decided to not only use rubber that has never seen ink, but to also use an image that has never seen rubber!

Okay...thinking of pouting, I'm gonna digress for a moment so just skip over if you aren't interested. I took the princess Bessie for a walk last night and I went a different route. Well, she decided she wanted to go down one road and I wanted to go down another so she put the brakes on. I stop, look back and she looks down the road she wants to travel and I say NOOOOO we are going this way and give her a little tug. So she sits down, and again looks down the road. I tell her she lays down right on the sidewalk! So there I am trying to reason with A DOG and a woman walking across the street is getting quite a chuckle out of it. Finally, I just decide to pick her up, walk her down the street a bit and then put her down. She was not at all impressed that I won the battle and walked all the way home in a pout! YES....that little dog KNOWS HOW TO POUT! She's a challenge I tell ya....but it is her spunk that I love best about her!

So that is my story of the day and a little peek into the everyday life of Linda (BTW...dead pede count is at 2! least the are DEAD!).

My card as ALWAYS, was stamped on Bella's bestest paper and coloured with copic markers. However, a good deal of the shading in her dress and tights were done with pencils and gamsol/OMS. I had a little bit of trouble trying to figure out exactly where the dress folds were supposed to be and finally decided not to obsess over it anymore and just added shading where I felt like it! I know, I know, I'm my own worse critic! No glitter or glaze pen, I kept it simple and that lush doily paper is October Afternoon that I picked up at the bella booth in Kitchener. I paired it up with some BoBunny that I also got at Stamping Bella a while ago but had been hoarding it!. You know, I need to convince myself that paper is like chocolate and should be consumed while it is still fresh!

Now for some serious BABE weeks challenge is.....drum roll please....MAY FLOWERS! The flower can be in your image, your paper, an embellishment....whatever! Just make sure there is a FLOWER on your card somewhere....OH, and be sure to use a stamping bella stamp!

Have fun!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

There she goes!

She's got her little ladybug backpack on and I'll bet it is empty 'cause she is heading to the Barbie aisle in the local department store!

What do you think? Not that it really matters where she is going 'cause she's a sweetie. This is Bye Bye Girl, a Mo Manning image available in rubber at Stamping Bella. I don't dislike digi, I have quite a seletion of them myself, but there is something about rubber that just makes me happy! She was stamped with Brilliance ink on Bella's bestest paper and coloured with copic markers. On this image I only used pencil for grass and blue shading. Actually I coloured her to match some entirely different papers but didn't like it in the end so went with these, and had I chose these first, I would have coloured her jacket green. Oh well! You probably didn't even notice.

For those who got the heeby jeebies about my giant man eating centipede you'll be glad to know that we had the house fumigated on Monday! When I came home from work I was very concerned that there was NO smell and NO visible residue anywhere so I was worried that the place was not toxic enough. The next day I went on a hunt to find something dead...anything that would assure me that the toxins were working and finally success...a tiny little dead 'pede' in front of the crawl space door.

Just as I think things are getting better I had a trauma at work this morning. You have to realize that I am still a bit on edge and will pretty much jump at anything that moves right now. So I get to work, check my mail, pick up the phone to return a call and see something scurry in the cradle where the handset sits! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was that classic pede beige and moved FAST! I LEAP out of my chair, THROW the phone onto the desk and I do believe I wailed out a 4 letter word. Well, I work in a LARGE office...with pods and partitioned walls and as I'm standing there about to faint I can see all these heads popping up over the partitioned walls wondering WHAT was going on! It looked like the entire IT department was doing the wave! Oh geeze, I think I need counselling! Pod mate Matty-boy came to my rescue and shook the beast out of the phone and in the end it turned out to be a very fast moving spider disguised as a pede!

That was my excitement for today, let's hope that tomorrow is non-eventful!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Quit your whining!

Heard your having another birthday
You could at least pretend to like it

BWAHAHA! That was the sentiment I chose to go along with Toby is Two...a Mo Manning image in rubber available at Stamping Bella. Just wondering here...are you excited about the new Mo rubber images? Personally, if you haven't already guessed...I'm thrilled! I've noticed that I've had a few new subscribers to my little blog this week so if you are here for Mo...I hope not to disappoint you.

As always...I stamped my image on Bella's bestest paper and coloured with copic markers. I used prismacolor pencils and gamsol for the grounding, blue shading around the image, and just a bit of dark umber to add some extra shading on his little overalls. For my recent subscribers, I like to add pencil over my copics to either 1) add another dimension of color, 2) add some depth, or 3) to add some highlights. It is also very effective to create a large area of shading over multiple colors of copics. In this image, I used only copics for the stripes in his overalls, but used a pencil to create the shading over the stripes. It is much easier and quicker than trying to shade each stripe individually and have it look consistent.

Finally, on a personal note, my friend Mary is a member of Soldiers' Angels and has some incredible blog candy to give away....all you have to do to help her out is send her a handmade card which will be sent to a soldier or one of their family members. If you want to learn more, you can read all about it here.

And don't forget, our challenge over at Stamping Bella this week is to use a bella stamp that has never been inked before...hmmmm....i have SO MANY...will I use something old, or something new? I guess you'll have to wait and see!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Fuschias for Mother's Day

Good morning everyone! Did you find time to play along in our Mother's Day card challenge. Last weeks gallery over on Emily's blog was AMAZING and I can't wait to see what you all came up with this week.

I chose Fuschias for Lulu for my Mothers Day card because my mom ALWAYS has a hanging basket overflowing with them on her front porch during the summer months. I have tried, but alas, I'm just not disciplined enough to water them three times a day in the hot days of summer and they always end up drying out and then they are dead by July.

Speaking of dead...I have to tell ya why I'm a little late posting today. You see I was gonna write it this morning and sat down at my desk to get started. Bessie girl...four-legged fur baby wanted to go outside so I got up and let her out....WELL...heading back to my chair I noticed a GIANT FREAKING CENTIPEDE under my desk!!!!!!!!! OMG....had I continued to sit there it might have decided to crawl up on me! I can barely even type about it cause I'm still SO FREAKED! Mark came to the rescue and THANKFULLY it is DEAD! blllllaaagh....i just gave myself the willies! Mark PROMISED that he will call the pest control people today and deal with the situation. You see, this is the SECOND siting this week of pedes taking over my house. One a year, I can almost handle...two in a week...and i'm packing my bags!

That's it for today! (oooh...i did manage to make another paper doll card though...will post later!) Our challenge next week will be NO challenge for me! Go thru you bella binders, or bag of new rubber and pull out something that has NEVER SEEN INK! If you are like me this is NOT gonna be difficult.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Can't win 'em all!

I coloured this card up on the weekend...and I thought I looked a little i decided that I would 'decorate' it with my liquid applique. Well, I messed it up. Then I tried to cover it up and in my own personal opinion, I made a bigger mess. Thank goodness I photographed at this point because the next day I thought I'd try to puff the applique with my heat gun! I figured it might look like fluffy looked worse!

Oh well....can't win 'em all! (thank goodness I have my paper dolls to play with!)

Before I messed this up, I stamped Lulu's Birthday cake on bella's bestest paper and coloured it with copics. (ya...should have just stopped there!) I think I'm gonna have to tackle this one again soon because I love the image and Mom will be needing a lot of b'day cards soon.

Speaking of Mom's...don't forget our theme this week over at Blogabella is Mother's still have time to get your submission to Emily by tomorrow for a chance to win some of those golden bella bucks!

Finally, a little scrappy announcement. Did you know I was a scrapbooker before I started making cards? I still LOVE scrapbooking but sadly, I just don't have time to do it with the day job, the colouring, and now the paper dolls! LOL! But I still love to stalk scrapbooking blogs from time to time. Now I have one more to stalk because the uber talented Denabella (yes THE Dena who loving packs all our bella goodness) has started her own little is called a little scrap of time and I'll be visiting often.

'till next time! Linda.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Tabitha the Teacup Girl

Is she a stunner or what! Those little Greenbean Baby teacup girls just make my heart melt and little Tabitha is no exception. Actually, I think she is my fav so far. And I love the smooth sleek 'do' on this one!

As always, she was stamped on Bella's bestest paper and coloured with copic markers. Some pencil was used to shade the cup and to create the shading and grounding around the image. I stamped the teacup a second time and coloured it to pop it out on the final image. I LOVE the dimension! The little bow in her hair was also popped up. To finish it off I added some liquid applique to the 'stars' on the cup and black glaze pen to her eyes and a glass pearl to her bow. She is a cutie, that's for sure!

Were you at Scrapfest on the weekend? I had soooooooooooo much fun meeting and greeting other bloggers and peeps who dropped in to say hi, or that they read my blog...and CraftyCath who introduced herself...thank you! I love to meet those mystery people who ALWAYS leave the sweetest comments!

AND...I came home sooooooo broke! In an impulse (yes I have an issue with that) I purchased a Lifestyle crafts Letterpress. It will be shipped and I cannot wait to start playing with it. I have read mixed reviews on it, but I always figure if at least half the people can get it working, and the other half can't...that 'other half' must be doing something wrong....and i'm not the type of person who allows myself to be beaten by a craft tool so I have faith! Besides, that 'other' half might be wanting to print hundreds of invitations or something and come IS just a craft tool and likely not meant to stand up to hard repeated use. The other thing that intriques me is that I have found a couple places on the net that will make custom plates! NOW, if only I could find time to learn how to make them that could be really fun! ...drat that day job! ...i don't think I've said it recently so it was due time.

My other really FUN purchase (besides all the bella rubber I came home with) was the Quickutz paper doll and accessory set. I almost FAINTED when I saw the cards on display. These are just FUN... plain old FUN! project runway on paper and makes you feel like a kid playing with those sticker books, or paper dolls and turning them into something useful.

These are the couple I put together yesterday while I was playing around with it. OMG...I want to make a MILLION OF THEM cause there are so many more accessories in the kits that I didn't use and want to, but I again, I have soooooooooo much paper and sooooooooooo little time! DRAT that day job!

Tonight I'll be working on my submission for Bellarific Friday...remember Mother's Day is our theme and with such a FANTASTIC release now is the time to try and get lucky with some extra bella bucks in your account. Make a card AND leave a comment and might get lucky and win twice!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Anything Goes!

And when you have the most PHENOMOLISHOUS selection to choose from ANYTHING would have been spectacular!

Have you seen it yet? The April Stamping Bella release...could you DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I could DIE! Not only are there BEEEEutiful mo's, there are bella's...have you seen Jodibella's execubella! I think she looks like me at work!....except i am NOT an exec...and my desk is NOT that clean! why do i think it's me????? who knows! Maybe because it is because I wanna look that HOT behind my desk! LOL!

Okie dokie...on to the you LOVE IT? Did you get my hint? Mom will love it because obviously after needing a wedding shower card, she is gonna most definitely need a wedding card AND it is a cake, so it's yummy! This little gem is Lulu's Wedding Cake. My cake was coloured with copic markers and I used a dark brown marker to accent the lines to look like chocolate! Then I added clear glaze pen over those brown lines to look like glistening chocolate...THEN...liquid applique on all the little dots of 'pearls'. It is totally elegant, but still fun for a young couple starting their lives together.

Actually, I brought it to work yesterday and my young pod mate Matt said WOW, I would love to get a card like that for my I punched him in the arm and said..."I DID MAKE YOU A CARD FOR YOUR WEDDING....DON'T YOU REMEMBER!"...hmph...guys!, I'm sure his wife Tanya remembers! Then he dug himself into a deeper hole and said ...Tanya has all our wedding cards stored away in a box, I told her to throw them out....after I punched him in the other arm I told him that I have been married for 22 years and STILL have all my wedding cards! Again...hmph.....guys!

I can only hope that Lindsey (the eventual recipient of this card) will NOT throw it away and in 22 years she will pull out that shoe box and be reminded of the most memorable day of her life! week's challenge is Mother's Day! Make a card for your mom, or for any mom for that matter....let's celebrate the Mom's we all know and love!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Giant Stack of Fancy Prezzies!

Are you ready for more Stamping Bella goodness? Well I am BUSTING to show ya!

These are Prezzies for Lulu and WOWZER, they ARE FANCY and I LOVE them! I coloured this one up on Saturday night while I was skyping with Paula. I held it up to show her to ask what color she thought I could use...she suggested purples and blues, which would also be a GORJUS combo but I had this older piece of My Minds Eye paper in front of me and decided to go with the green and yellow green combo. As always, it was stamped on Bella's Bestest paper coloured with copic markers but I used a dark pencil to get the shading in there.

I wish you all could see this up close and personal because it glows with glitter and clear glaze pen, not to mention the glittered paper. But wait...I'll have it with me this Saturday at Scrapfest so you CAN see it up close if you stop by the Stamping Bella booth and say hi because Paula and I will be running the show at the make and take table! So fun!!!!!!!!

As with any new release I am saving my fav for last. I'll give you a hint...I am pretty sure my mom is gonna be needing this card and it is yummy!

Remember, there is still time to play along in this week's Anything Goes (as long as it is Bella!) Challenge over at Bloggabella and believe you me...from the little I've seen of this release you are gonna want any extra bucks you can get your hands on!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Can you FEEEEL my joy!

Why? Because my two of my most fav women in this industry have decided to collaborate and join forces and rock the rubbah world!

Who you ask? Well that would be Mo and Emily! I tell ya, I just wanna scream from the rooftops! If you follow my blog, you probably know that when I am not colouring bella goodness, I am squeezing time out of my bizzy days to find time for a Mo.

When Emily sent me this image I just about fainted! You KNOW I have LOTS of young men in my family...(some young in age...and some like my boys, who just never grow up! LOL!...i've got a story about that but I'll save it for another day). Yup, this is a Mo, in RUBBAH and will be available at Stamping Bella before you can count 10 sleeps! Okay, don't hold me to that for online purchases, but I do know they will be available at Scrapfest in Kitchener this coming weekend! This little guy is called Bye Bye Boy and comes with a sentiment, Oh the places you'll go, which is a quote from Dr. of my most cherished childhood authors!

Don't get me wrong, I'm not AT ALL against digi...but rubbah does have the smell and tactile qualities that are lacking in digi! And let's face it, not everyone is comfortable on a computer resizing images, or don't have a printer that is copic or gamsol/OMS friendly, or like me, just like to have and to hold that rubbah! For anyone who falls into one of those categories, this is your chance!

As always the image was coloured on Bella's Bestest paper and coloured with copic markers. Sorry folks...but there were A LOT of markers used and when I looked at the pile it was too overwhelming to list. I will say his sandy blonde hair was done with E41, 42, 43 and 44 and denim was done with B41, 32, 52, 95 and 97. These are my fav color combo's for sandy blonde hair and washed denim. I also did use a colorless blender on the jeans to further wash out the highlights.

All the blue shading around the image and grounding was done with prisma color pencils and gamsol/OMS. I had a question recently on how I do my shading wondering if I draw a heavy line and 'pull' it out, or shade gradually and then blend.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words I thought I show you. This is a pic of how I color my shading before I blend it out with a stump and OMS. I usually work my pencil in small circles starting close to the image and then slowly working my way out. As I work my way out, I lighten up on the pressure so the color is pretty concentrated close to the image, then lightens up as I work my way out. Click on the image for a larger picture and you can see my little circles' of color. I find if I do it this way, I can easily blend it out with my stump, then go back in and add some darker shading close to the image if I think it needs it, either with the same color, or maybe one shade darker. I used Prismacolor Carribean Sea in this image, and that was the only color I used.

WHEW! All this excitement has me totally drained! I've got a couple more cards to put together for this week and you MUST....I say MUST be sure to stop by all the other Bellarific Babe blogs this week 'cause I'm pretty darn sure you will may see some more sneak peeks!

Catch ya later!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Happy Anniversary Honey!

Yup...not only is it Bellarific Friday today, it is the 22nd wedding anniversary for me and the hubs! And if you have read my blog over the past few days you might have also noticed that our twins turned 20 yrs old....what does that mean. Well, it meant that I spent our 2nd anniversary in the hospital.

Mark made the 90 minute trip every day after work to come see us and the day before our anniversary he said he was really tired and he wasn't gonna come the next day. WELL.....I had a hormonal breakdown and started to BAWL like a baby and said...'but it's our anniversary'....and he quickly changed his mind and made the trip. Not only did he make the trip, the nurses laid out a white towel on my bedside table and Mark brought in East Side Mario's for dinner. How sweet is that?

Now for the card...since it IS my anniversary I most definitely wanted to make this into an anniversary card for hubby. AND, I most definitely wanted to use one of Stamping Bella's Lulu flowers from the latest release. (are you loving those as much as I am?) I altered the sketch just a bit to stretch out the focal image so I could use Hearty Plant for Lulu, but I don't think anybody is gonna punish me for that. But I did get the remainder of the basic sketch elements in there, including the flowers which are from the depths of my stash that I think I may have purchased at Walmart several years ago. I thought they worked well with the Victorian theme I was was going for! To finish it off I used lots of Stickles Star Dust glitter and accented the teeny tiny hearts with clear glaze pen.

Tonight we will be heading out for dinner, I'll blow the diet on a few glasses of wine and be sleeping by 10:00! I hope your Friday is just as enjoyable! But if you aren't sleepy sure to head over to Bloggabella and gaze your eyes on all the sketch possibilities!

Our Challenge next week will be another Free Form Friday to celebrate a new release to be showcased at Scrapfest in Kitchener April 16-17. Did you know that Paulabella and I will be there meeting and greeting sistahs and working the make and take table on Saturday! If you are there be SURE to stop by and say hi because we lovey to meet new sitahs!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spring is in the air

The birds are chirping outside, temps are in the 70's, been wearing shorts to walk the dog and we even got a bit of a thunderstorm the other night! I love a good thunderstorm!

The unusually warm weather here has inspired me to make a card that screams Spring so I pulled out Stamping Bella's birdie House. The moment I saw it I knew it was a perfect image to once again pull out that Martha Stewart picket fence punch. And what is a picket fence and bird house without flowers, so I added some Quickutz flower buds to the base of the post. After assembling the flowers I did add a bit of pencil to them, just to create a bit of shading.

As always, the image was stamped with Brilliance ink on Bella's Bestest paper and coloured with the following copic markers:
YR00, 02, G82
YG00, 03, 13, 91, 93, 95, 99
R00, 11, 21, 32, 24, 37, 59
E40, 41, 43, 44, 47
BG0000, 01, 03
E33 was used for shading

Whew! With all the blogging I've done over the last few days I actually have NOTHING left to say! But I will say that you still have time to play along in this weeks challenge over at Bloggabella. Remember, it is a sketch and I know how you all love sketches so I'll see ya all over there on Friday.

Oh...I should answer a couple questions before I leave. For CraftyViolet, I am pretty sure Tombows will bleed with digi's printed on an ink jet printer but you'll never know for sure until you try. And for Emma, the glitter on the Easter bunny card was Stickles Star Dust.

That's to get ready for the day job.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Do any of you know who The Stig is? Not the real Stig of course because his true identity has never been revealed. But The Stig who test drives the cars on the BBC show Top Gear. It is one of Derek's fav shows, and he LOVES The Stig. For Christmas we got him an I am The Stig t-shirt and a mug, he even wore the t-shirt when he went to the North American Auto Show in Detroit and was pleasantly surprised to see a group of other guys wearing one too!

Anyhoooooo, when I made Alex the Greenbean Baby Batman for Christmas Derek said "she needs to make a Stig". Little did he know that I had already contacted Ellia to ask if she could create me one. If you are a Greenbean Baby fan you should stop by her blog because the things she can make out of cut paper are amazing and if you want some original cut paper goodness you can find it here in her Etsy shop, that is where I found Batboy.

If you are curious as to what the real Stig looks like, here is his in all his glory.

Crazy eh! Derek loved his little Stig and said he was gonna put it on his desk at school! LOL!!!!

Thank you Ellia, you have once again brought smiles, giggles and happiness into my home!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Video Boy

Happy Birthday Alex! You're only young once, but you can be immature forever!

This is son #2 birthday's card. Actually he is technically son #1 since he was born first. Derek came along 6 minutes later and it used to be very important to Alex that he was 'older'! LOL!

This is Video Boy from Mo's Digital Pencil. She has 'hands down' THE BEST images for guys that I have ever seen. With soooo many young men in my family that I have to make cards for I have a entire line up of Mo's men waiting to be coloured. See those electric blue shoes? That is no act of creative expression on my part. Alex actually HAS a pair of shoes that color! They are wild and seriously look like they are lit up they are so bright! Can't lose them babies in the closet that's for sure...however, they have NEVER seen the inside of a closet because they are always sitting smack dab in the middle of the hallway lighting up the room. Well, at least there is no fear of tripping over them because you didn't see them! LOL!

Three more weeks and those boys of mine will be home for the summer and this card pretty much captures what my family room is gonna look like. Open bags of chips! Pop cans all over the place...did I ever tell you that I stopped buying pop once. Alex asked why there was no pop and I said it was because I went downstairs and counted 13...yes 13...empty pop cans! He got the subtle hint!

Tomorrow I'll have something different for ya...remember this framed Batboy I posted a while back, well I asked sweetie Ellia if she could make me a custom image and I gave it to Derek for his b'day. SOOOO CUTE!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Are you all feasting today? We had our gathering yesterday since the boys are travelling back to their respective schools today. I made a ham which I cooked on the BBQ and OMGAWD was it EVER good. I totally blew the WW yesterday for sure. Do I regret it? Absolutely because today I am feeling a bit like I was pumped up with an air hose!

Since it IS Easter it gives me great joy to show you another Easter card. I think this row of egg with Bunny by Stamping Bella is my fav, I love the combination of soft pinks with the kraft paper. The eggs were coloured with copics in the lightest shades of R's, but most of the shading was done with pencils because I wanted to keep the colours very soft and there aren't many markers that would have given me the look I was going for.

Gonna make this short and sweet today. I am making a breakfast casserole, and it is another beautiful day here in Chatham and I want to get off this computer and take full advantage of it. Oh ya, tomorrow I'll be back to show you b'day card #2 for the twins! is another Mo!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

How do I hit send?


That is the 'sentiment' I wrote inside of this card for my son who turns 20 years old tomorrow! I chose this image NOT because he is a constant texter, but rather because he does NOT text, I don't think he even knows how to do it!

Seriously, he DOES NOT use a cell phone! What's with that? Who does NOT use a cell phone? I should not complain because the only reason I have an iPhone is because I got it on his student plan 'cause that was the ONLY way I could cost justify it here in Canada. The rates here are totally INSANE!

Anyhooooo....I knew I wanted to give this card to my text-challenged son for his b'day so I asked his twin bro' for some help in something witty to write inside and he suggested "How do I hit send?"...LOL! I'm pretty sure this comes from a personal experience between the two of them because when I asked if he would get it, Alex just smiled and said 'oh ya'.

Gotta luv Derek! So acutely intelligent in things that interest him, and void of a clue in things he thinks that don't matter. Takes after his Mom in that way!

The image is from Mo's Digital Pencil and printed on Bella's bestest paper. I have an Epson printer and have never had any trouble with copics bleeding on my printed images. I do not have all the copics used, but I will say to get that 'grungy' jean look I used B41, 93, 95, 97 and E41. (the E41 gave it the grunge)

I'll admit...that face might not look like Derek, but those jeans sure do!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Getting Hitched!

Happy Good Friday everyone! I hope you are all able to enjoy a day off work on this BEAUUUTIFUL day. I just popped my head out the door and man, it is actually HOT out! Hopefully this means we will be having an early nice LONG HOT summer. Although I don't really enjoy the heat, a long hot summer makes me welcome winter. And when you live in an climate with 4 seasons that will inevitably come, it is always nice to have a reason to welcome the next one.

Did you get a chance to make a card for this weeks challenge? I really should have made an anniversary card for the hubs since ours is coming up in a week but truth be told, I am like a plumber with leaky faucets and he rarely gets a card! LOL! But not to worry, these Bridalpartybellas will not go to waste because Mom needs a wedding shower card. Again, I pulled out purples and I think I may be starting to embrace the color even tho it has never been one of my fav's. I used very pale V's for the bridesmaid dresses (0000, 000, 01) and shaded them with BV01 and 02. I originally wanted to match this up with some kioshi paper again, but my background got too blue on me so I switched to this memory box paper. I can always find something soft and subtle in that stash of paper to work with whatever I have coloured.

You are gonna like our challenge for next week! For all you sketch fans we have another one for you! And if you have never tried making a card from a sketch maybe now is time you start! They are fun, and in my mind, more than half the work is done for you!

Now before you head off, stop by the Bella blog and see what the sistahood has been up to. And for you scrapbookers out there, scroll down because I just noticed some REALLLLY nice layouts she has posted.


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