Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Do any of you know who The Stig is? Not the real Stig of course because his true identity has never been revealed. But The Stig who test drives the cars on the BBC show Top Gear. It is one of Derek's fav shows, and he LOVES The Stig. For Christmas we got him an I am The Stig t-shirt and a mug, he even wore the t-shirt when he went to the North American Auto Show in Detroit and was pleasantly surprised to see a group of other guys wearing one too!

Anyhoooooo, when I made Alex the Greenbean Baby Batman for Christmas Derek said "she needs to make a Stig". Little did he know that I had already contacted Ellia to ask if she could create me one. If you are a Greenbean Baby fan you should stop by her blog because the things she can make out of cut paper are amazing and if you want some original cut paper goodness you can find it here in her Etsy shop, that is where I found Batboy.

If you are curious as to what the real Stig looks like, here is his in all his glory.

Crazy eh! Derek loved his little Stig and said he was gonna put it on his desk at school! LOL!!!!

Thank you Ellia, you have once again brought smiles, giggles and happiness into my home!


Emma Lockley said...

lol this is brilliant....My hubby loves the STIG!

I recently met him at the Memorabilia show in the UK along with spiderman and the whole cast of Star wars, now Darth Vader told me that the stig was.........Luke Skywalker......I dont know if this is true or not but i couldn't find Luke anywhere at the show..hmmmmmmmmm

take care

love emma xxx

CraftyViolet said...

I don't have Copics (well, I have 6 of them) so I usually use TomBows or pencils and gamsol. My question is "would the ink bleed if I print out digi stamps on watercolour paper?" I have an ink jet printer.

Erin said...

This is great! I love Top Gear!

TropicLuv said...

This is GREAT! My hubby loves that show and watches it all the time. I showed him this and he loved it! Aloha, J:)

greenbean art said...

haha! it turned out awesome!!!! i am so glad you liked it and your son too!!!! i love what you do with the embellishments!!!! :)

hugs hugs


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