Sunday, June 8, 2008

I'm almost back in the swing

OMG....this kitchen reno has got me totally exhausted. It wasn't a small deal...we took out part of a wall, added a bathroom, removed an outside door and replaced it with a window, added a new outside door in a different location and relocated the door to the garage. My countertop should be installed tomorrow so hopefully I'll have running water by the end of the day and I won't have to be a pioneer woman anymore. Today I washed all the windows, walls, doors and floors in the kitchen and dining room...OMG...I can see my backyard again. Those windows got soooooooooo dirty! My fridge, kick-butt exhaust hood and microwave are on backorder so I still have to trott to the basement fridge, but I can live with that. The biggest downfall is that they won't put up the backsplash until they see the exhaust fan because they need to know where the electrical will go. I CANNOT wait for that kick butt exhaust fan....seared asparagus and blackened lambchops without alarming the fire department are in my future!

Okay...enough about the reno and on to the real reason why you are here. In the midst of the mess I managed to get my samples done for my upcoming class at Pickle (albiet, i had to make them on the coffee table!). Three classes were scheduled and they sold out by we scheduled a fourth which is also sold out. How exciting!

The first card is using techniques I learned when I took a class with "THE" Fred B. Mullett last summer! YES...FRED...he was on a class tour and those girls at Pickle managed to get him to come to our little city of Chatham.

The second card is a variation of this card I made for my hubby on our 20th anniversary. I cased the idea from a fab card I saw on Julia Stainton's blog. I hope I did her justice and will give her BIG BIG credit when I teach the class. Oh ya...see that little Westie there...I bought that when I was in Myrtle Beach. I've decided that I need a collection of little Westie's (not live ones of course...ONE is enough) and this is the second to my collection. Isn't she cute!


Julia Stainton said...

Absolutely stunning designs! Love your version of the liquid applique design! Thanks so much for linking me! I'm so glad I found your blog...stunning designs!

Glitter Queen said...

Linda you out do yourself every time. So completely beautiful cards. So glad I am in your class for these ones.

paula said...

Love your flower cards! I am so behind in my blog, dead computer, grad announcements, no power and now the internet is out? I can't wait to get some other commitments finished so I can get back to my OWN stuff!! Love the "julia" layout, gotta try that too! see ya!

Bonnie said...

I can't BELIEVE that I missed this class-ugggh!! Well, I can believe it but I can't believe that I was that slow!! double ugggh!! Love your cards....was at the Pickle this morning.....thought I saw you leaving as we pulled up....


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