Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Christmas Crunch and Mom's Christmas card

It's hittin' me! Yes, I'm sorry I've been a bad blogger but the Christmas crunch is hittin' me! This past week i celebrated the American Thanksgiving...YES...I am Canadian...but I grew up in a border city and am very much influenced by American being the Detroit Lions Thanksgiving Day football game. I must say I have managed to avoid it for the last almost 50 years but this year my hubs has Lions seasons tickets (yes you can all groan now) so the good wife that I am trotted to Michigan to see the Lions lose yet again. Fortunately for me, there was nobody sitting next to me so I could slouch over the seat beside me and gett a little nap in during the second half! Seriously...I AM NOT KIDDING....i did nap!!!!

On a stamping productive note, I did get my Mom's xmas cards done and delivered today! And for the first time in three years I got them to her BEFORE Dec 1st!...That is a big load off my mind. I do enjoy making her cards because I know everyone anticipates receiving one. Hopefully they won't be disappointed this year because I decided not to watercolor them...I opted for embossing. With work, plus the uncertainty of having to be on call, and weekly classes at Pickle I just couldn't take on the added pressure of watercoloring 30 cards!

This card is a take off of one I did for World Card Making Day. One of the challenges was to use a tree and I did it in golds. It looked a little blah to me, so when I saw the new Basic Grey Wassail paper I had a new vision to use red! A simple card and easily mass produced. The tree is embossed in Sparkle N Sprinkle Japanese Laquer and I added red stickles to the partridge and Star Dust Glitter on the border over top of Krylon Gold pen. Mom likes glitter so it was the least I could do since I didn't watercolor them!

Now I just have about 30 more cards to do for me, many of which I have already done and just need to reproduce so hopefully I'll have those done in the next week! So if I am MIA, you know I am heads down working on my Christmas cards!


Laura Evans (llevans) said...

Glad to know you are okay. I was starting to get worried!!!

Bonnie (eggette) said...

Funny story about the Lions......they are having a dismal year aren't they?!!
Lovely card Linda, your mother will sure love to send them!!

Cindy H. said...

Gorgeous card!!! I love the image and the beautiful DP. Christmas is nearly upon us and I think we're all busy, so I for one definitely understand, as I'm sure most people do. TFS

Marcie S. said...

I love that Wassail paper! Glad you got to celebrate both Thanksgivings- more turkey never hurt anyone!

paula said...

Well sister I am glad that I was not alone in the blog neglecting arena! I love your mom's cards, they are sooo pretty and very industrious of you to take on such a task! What a wonderful daughter you are!! I am going through a hundred plus emails, and had to stop and say WOW, your work has inspired me!! I started putting in liners, since I saw yours in person... mwah


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