Sunday, October 11, 2009

It's a girl thing

Seriously folks, could you ever see a couple of guys doing this? LOL! Not in my house that's for sure. Aren't they the sweetest!

I love the Lulu's and these dolls are called Ruby and Rose. When I first saw them my initial reaction was that there was a LOT of black and how am I gonna color them. But now that I have done a couple my entire view has changed. They are super easy to color and I enhance the black areas with my black copic marker. It gives a nice velvety finish and the perfect alternative if you don't want to use the black glaze pen. I also like to use nice deep rich colors on them and that makes them the perfect image for copic markers.

colors used:
E0000,000, 00, 11
R01, 22, 32, 81, 83, 85, 89, 35, 37
Y00, 15, E27, BLACK

IF I were to part with this card (LOL!) I'd have to hand deliver it or put it in a bubble mailer because I incorporated two of my fav things that I lifted off two of my fav stampers. The button with bow is somewhat of a trademark on Joanne's cards and I'm always admiring her gigantic bows, and the sentiment on the cardstock ribbon can often be seen on Paula's cards. I tell ya, our Bellarific Babes are the best and all of them are my go-to gals when I need some inspiration.

Now for some personal updates...yesterday I finally caved and got an iPhone 3GS...OMG, can you actually be in love with a piece of hardware! Well, I can...I'm a bit of a gadget freak and if it's out there and if it's hot I gotta have it. I have been pining over these since they came out but I could not justify the price in Canada. I've had an iTouch since they were introduced and do love it, but to get to the net or email I was always in search of some wireless network to tap into! NOT ANY MORE! With my phone I am ALWAYS connected! Soo excited! Yesterday we were playing with it and I can create a voice recorded message and then email it....hahahaha....I told the boys I was gonna regularly send them a message saying "this is your mother! this is your mother! stay out of trouble!"....hahaha!

Finally, if you have not read Emily's blog lately, Paula and I will be at the Creative Festival in Toronto on Saturday. I'm a long time fan of this show and have been attending on and off for almost 20 years. There is something for everyone and covers every craft imaginable. Stamping Bella is setting up a booth and Paula and I will be there all day Saturday doing make and takes and answering any and all of your questions! AND...if the sheer presence of Paula and I isn't enough to temp you (LOL!!!!!) Emily will be selling a pre-release of her new line!!! Now THAT has to be a good reason to come. I'm soooo excited!


mycardz said...

Wow! Awesome card - your coloring is so amazing! Black always scares me ... but you really handled it well! :)

Hmmm...and you have definitely tempted me into taking a little road-trip!! Sounds like a great time.

Carla Murphy said...

Great card Linda! You will not tempt me to buy this stamp...I repeat NOT... oh I give up. I might as well just get them all!! 8)

Meahni said...

I thought the same thing about colouring the Lulus, SO much black. I feel so much better since seeing your and Paula's stuff! Thanks!

Silvia said...

This card is too cute Linda! Love the coloring and the card layout is fantastic. I might try it!

Anonymous said...

Your LuLu is beautiful! I thought these would be a challenge, too due to all the black, but your right it is easy & gorgeous. Have a wonderul trip to the festive. Try not to get in too much trouble with Em & Paulabella.

Kathy said...

WOW I have just found your blog and had to stop and say how gorgeous it is!! Your coloring is just amazing and love your designs!!

Joanne B. said...

So many comments to make

1) your coloring is FABULOUS!
2) I need to buy that stamp
3) I lurrrve your buttony bow (*wink*)
5) you will LOVE your iphone

Have a wonderful weekend!


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