Sunday, January 24, 2010

Fur Babies!

If you have one, you know I'm talking about those four-legged friends of ours that work their way into our lives and make you wonder how you EVER lived without them! When I was a kid I wanted a dog more than with long hair down to the ground that I could fuss up and brush and groom and cuddle. I did end up getting a dog, but not until I was in my 40's, and although Bessie IS cute as a button (see my sidebar!), she is a bit of a tom boy and would rather kill vermin or roll in a dead bird than let me make her all pretty!

This is Muffy Ketto and she is the vision of what I would have had as a pet if my parents would have allowed it. I coloured her up yesterday when I was visiting Paula and I think some of her uber colouring vibes wore off on me because I was very happy how she turned out...although the picture looks a much cooler grey than the real life version which is more of a warm french grey. Lots and LOTS of fine feathered strokes were used here to create what I hoped would look like silky hair. Shading with prismacolor pencils and gamsol and a bit of glitter and stitching finished her up. I also used my new Martha punch that I picked up on my travels on the way to Paula's.

It is always so much fun at Paula's house. It is cosy and quaint, VERY comfortable, and I feel right at home there. AND it seems she always has some sort of little gift for me when I go! Not only is she talented, she is over the top generous! It is not unusual for me to visit and have some sort of little gift waiting for me. Hmmmm.....isn't it the guest who is supposed to bring the hostess a gift?....I'd better work on that!

Here is a little pic of what I came home with yesterday....that beautiful oh-so-zen-like tea light holder on the shelf....could you faint!!!!!!!!!!! I think I might need to pour me a glass of merlot, put on some Dave, light those candles and just soak in my tub!

And since I never did show you pics of the bathroom are a few more...a full shot of the vanity...hmmm, note to self....slide the scale out from under the vanity and put it in full view where I will use it!

The tub....I really should take a pic from the other end because it is the more impressive side with a built in wall shelf equipped with a iHome to dock my phone when I am taking a shower.

and finally, this uber cool piece of wall art that I bought at Crate and Barrel when Mark and I were over at Somerset fooling ourselves that we were there to do some xmas shopping!

That's it for today. A silky haired dog, a zen tea light holder and some bathroom pics. And, if you are at all interested...I'm about to throw on the start of Dexter Season 3 while I start prepping Beef Bourguignon for dinner tonight.


Sylvia said...

Hi Linda,
I love the embellishment on your lovely card - could you tell me where this is from - it is very impressive. Thanks, Sylvia

Kandi said...

Wow, I'm in love with your bathroom!! Your style is very similar to my taste in decor. Thanks for sharing!!

Love your fur baby card too. Too cute!!

paulatracy said...

I knew it would look perfect there in your zen/sexy bath! Ohhhh, that piece of wall art is so much bigger than i had imagined, it's also perfect in there. Yeah, I saw this IRL girls and it is so warm and gorjuss, photos never do us justice. The paper Muffy is on is so fab!!

Becky said...

Wow..what an awesome bathroom. And what a great card.

leenda said...

Super cute artwork! Your bathroom is cool!!

dpkennedy said...

Oh darn! I just removed Muffy from my cart because my order got too large and I had to make cuts somewhere...and then you go and post it and make me regret it! This is so stinkin' cute! Love the embellishments!

Gorgeous bathroom too! I'd never leave, lol!

Kate's Life said...

can I come live in your bathroom!!!! (kidding!) Gorgeous card, love the paper!!

Danisha said...

I wanna live in your house!!!Great card as always, and love the bathroom! Ours needs to be done so bad, but hate getting started!

sueincanada said...

Your card is wonderful as always but your bathroom is gorgeous. Looks like a magazine picture. Lucky you.

Christy said...

Gorgeous it!!! My whole bathroom would fit in your tub! LOL

Tanya said...

Stunning card Linda. Your colours are gorgeous.

yvette said...

Oh Linda I love the way your bathroom came out...What kind of tile is on the shower wall??? I just love it...I am slowly redoing alot in my house and your style is very similar to mine and would love to know what tiles you used. I just finished the kitchen and have recovered from that mess and am ready to move on....Thanks


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