Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I love Quickutz dies!

I recently picked up this 4x4 Quickutz die and as soon as I set eyes on it I had this vision in my head to pair it up with Stamping Bella's Maisy Ketto. I even knew that I wanted it to be pink, yellow and orange. I also knew I had to get on it quickly before I forgot about it, that happens to me more often that I care to think about.

But this time I brought the die to work to show my friend-pod mate Kathy and even sketched out the idea that was in my head. I think that kept the idea from getting away from me and I should do that more often! It is not exactly the same as my sketch because the scale of the flowers was a bit too large, but it is the same general idea. I think I may put my bind-it-all to some good use and make myself a little idea book. That way, when I buy something with an idea in mind on how to use it I can jot down the product with my idea in my little book and look thru that for inspiration when I'm in a lull! OMG!!!!!!!!!! I wanna make one NOW!

Whew...I'll get on with the card now that I have that creative burst of energy out of me...(good thing I have it jotted down in my blog here before I forget about it...LOL!!). As I always do...I stamped Maisy on Bella Bestest paper and coloured her with copics, shaded with pencil and sponged with chalk ink. Her wings are glittered and making memories crystals are added to her crown. I also knew I wanted buttons on the flowers but genious struck again when I realized that stamping one of Maisy's flowers would fit perfectly in the center to surround the button!

In the end, I could not have been happier with how it turned out!

Finally....don't forget....our Friday theme this week is Lovey Dovey and there is a reason for's gonna be a Valentine Release day over at Stamping Bella!!!!! How's that to give you a reason to make a Lovey Dovey card!...we all lovey a new release don't we! There MAY even be some sneak peeks involved so be sure to check out all the Babe blogs on Friday to see what we have been up to!


Pauline said...

Linda WOW this is stunning! I love what you did with those quickutz flowers, it matches so perfectly with Maisy. Great idea. Awesome job!

Guylaine said...

beautiful card! love the ketto's

kksb said...

Great card! The little Ketto's are adorable! I would really appreciate pictures and colors of copics to show your coloring steps and shading. Thanks!

Tammi said...

Wow, what you envisioned and made came out beautiful! Love the flowers on the side and the pretty coloring!

Cindy H. said...

Your new Quickutz dies look very much like the flower the little Ketto is holding...a perfect compliment! Gorgeous coloring!!!

paulatracy said...

ok, already know when I saw this I about had to get a box of kleenex, and get to bed. jim would have thought I was nuts and called the hospital to lock me I thought i better pull myself together. Looking at it today, I still wanna cry but they would do the same at work. {put me away!!} Can't have that, my dog needs me.


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