Monday, May 3, 2010

Izzie has a cake!

Not just any ole cake...this one is fashioned after the most fabulous Grasshopper pie that has been a summer fav in my family for years. A frozen pie with an Oreo cookie crumb crust and a rich peppermint filling....seriously folks...I don't have much of a sweet tooth, but this is TO DIE FOR...I'll add the recipe at the end of this post.

I stamped little Izzie has a birfday cake on Bella's bestest paper in Brilliance ink, coloured her with copic markers and gave her a chocolate cake with peppermint frosting. What do you think of that YELLOW dress! shocking! I am not a fan of yellow but I gave it a whirl. I started with Y00, 11 and 15 but to warm up that Y00 before adding the other colors I added a layer of YR0000. I find the Y00 alone is a little to cool looking for my taste so the layer of YR0000 warms it up just enough without making it look orange.

Now, speaking of warm...I got myself a new culinary toy a couple weeks ago...a Bradley Smoker! Oh MY! Whenever Mark and I travel to the southern states we never miss an opportunity to feast on BBQ...BBQ ANYTHING, but especially ribs. We LOVE smoked ribs and prefer them dry over wet. I CRAVE them sometimes. We did find a really good smokehouse in Detroit called Slows BBQ which is fantastic, but sometimes this babe just doesn't want to leave the comfort of her dwelling and travel over an hour for a half rack of ribs! (I could be colouring!) Bradley smoker to the rescue and these are my first attempt! My brother has been smoking all kinds of meats and sausages for years and gave me some tips but in true sisterly fashion, I ignored some of them and went with my own gut. This does take some trial and error, but I must say for my first attempt...THEY WERE INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just hope I don't make them so often that I get sick of them! Next up on the smoker....I wanna try a beef brisket!

Finally, for the Grasshopper Pie recipe. Sorry if it is sketchy but this is how I had it written down...I'm NOT the pioneer woman!!

1/4 cup milk
2 cups heavy cream whipped
peppermint extract to taste
green food colouring (enough to make a nice minty color)
1 jar marshmallow cream
-combine milk, marshmallow, extract and food colouring
-mix until well blended
-fold into whipped cream

24 oreo cookies crushed with a rolling pin (yes...the filling and all!)
1/4 cup melted butter

press the crust into a pie plate (reserve a spoonful)
pour in the filling
sprinkle the reserved spoonful of crumbs on top
freeze several hours



Becky said...

this card is fabulous..Love this image and your coloring is awesome. You made me hungry for ribs, they look delicious.

wustaz said...

I love your card.... I look forward to seeing all your new creations. I saw some of your work at Scrapfest and I was in awe.

on a BBQ note.... where did you get your ribs? we have a Big Green Egg and I totally know what you mean... low and slow is our mantra here. I am looking for a place with good ribs to put on the BGE.

sueincanada said...

The card is very cute and the grasshopper pie sounds wonderful.

Karen Motz said...

OMG!!! Grasshopper pie...sooooo many yummy memories of it!!! Love this sweet little card.

Crafty Cath said...

I think the yellow/orange dress is fabulous. It totally pops with the paper and compliments that minty green pie nicely. Don't think this will be on my diet though. We had a great BBQ place in NY called Dinosaur BBQ. Haven't found a thing locally so now you have me craving a trip home again!

Terri said...

Darling card, that goes without saying but that recipe sounds too good. Will be trying that soon! TFS!

Donna Marie said...

Adorable card and yummy looking ribs... I'm drooling a little.


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