Monday, August 22, 2011

It's Art Journal Monday...

...and the theme that Emily gave us this week is circles! Come on! who doesn't love circles....really the only thing better than circles alone is matching them up with stripes or plaids. But I didn't do that...I just opened my little box of mixed media treasures and pulled out everything or anything that had a circle on it.

Then I got this Billy Preston song in my head....I KNOW I'm showing my age here, actually outright giving it away...and couldn't help myself but to write it all over my page! Silly, but you know what, that is what this is all about, having fun, getting creative, being silly, writing down the thought of the day, or a memory that would have otherwise been long forgotten. Thanks Emily for pulling this memory out of my head.

Now I must head on over to Emily's blog to see if she has her art journal Monday post up yet. OMG... I get sooooo inspired by seeing what everyone came up with and I am in awe of the creativity that has been hiding out there!

See ya in a couple days and YES it will be a card, I promise!


Linda Carson said...

That's fierce & totally too cool!

Sandy Ang said...

admire how artistically creative you are

Lisa said...

I found your journal page on Pinterest and just love it! Are you able to share the colors you used and the method of layering?


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