Thursday, September 8, 2011

you would think i would have all this free time...

...with the kids at school and hubby not home for supper, but the truth is my DOG is high maintenance! But ONLY in a good way. She is not accustomed to spending her evenings by herself because there is usually ALWAYS someone in the house for her to throw her demands on. If you are wondering, she is a West Highland White Terrier and that equates to "it's all about me"...where ME is the dog! LOL! So when it is just her and me...that means it is just HER and me! Mostly HER. No colouring, NO mixed media, NO art journaling. No NOTHING, except if it is something I can do on the sofa so she can snuggle up next to me. It would be different if it wasn't cold and rainy because then she'd spend her evening in the yard chasing away squirrels and laying under the bird feeder to protect it from the furry creatures. But sadly, it HAS been COLD and rainy here for the last couple days. So no play time for Linda!
Alright, that has NOTHING to do with my card, just a reason for my lack of posting this week. Today I have ANOTHER, yes ANOTHER new release image to show you. Except for the Uptown Girls, I think this is my FAV OF THE BUNCH...vintage HI WHEEL.

I used some of my mixed media 'talents' (hahaaahahaa) on the background, starting with a blank piece of paper and adding paints, gesso, more paints, distress rub ons, whatever. Then used the memory, laughter and love definition blocks stamping them with timber brown stazon. Finally the bike was stamped with black stazon.

Oh, then I took the my minds eye 'newsprint' paper and added some distress inks and some of Isabelle's crackle on both the image and the background pieces. A metal accent, hammered with my Tim Holtz distress hammer and a ribbon finished it off.

Gals...I think this is a perfect 'guy' card cause it got the thumbs up from hubby! DARN ...he saw it, I could have used it for his upcoming b'day!

I'll be back tomorrow with my animal challenge so don't go to far....BY THE WAY, i LOVE this card so give it some love okay!


Deb said...


This card is fabulous! I love visiting your blog, you are a true artist with whatever medium you work with.

Deb H.

KAT said...

This card is awesome! Love all the details on the main panel but don't limit it to a guy card - this is one that I would love (I am into Grungy goodness)!

Debbie said...

I love this card too. How 'bout a class at Pickle!

Bren said...

I love all the different mediums you meld together. You really are a true talent and although the card may have been made for a man, I agree, a woman would also accept it graciously.


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