Monday, November 28, 2011

AJ Monday

For Emily's AJ Monday I have journalled another thing to document to my list of ever growing passions...gardens. However, this is not a new passion, more likely something inherited from my dad's side of the family. I cannot imagine looking out my kitchen doors and seeing nothing but grass surrounded by a fence. I want interest, and I want flowering shrubs, and hosta's, and interesting trees and in the summer I want to sprinkle all that with some annual flowers. The problem is, our yard is clay and as dry as the sahara. I start out every May with good intentions and then the heat of our southern Ontarion summer sets in and if I'm not home to water several times a day all my good intentions just dry out by July. But one day, when I retire my yard will be the picture perfect overgrown lush victorian garden that I dream of.

I do have a point to all of this rambling and although I have several 'unpublished' pages in my journal that have hearts on them, I was in the mood to create yesterday. So I looked out at my yard that is losing all its greenery and starting to show signs of winter hibernation and that made me think PINK! I needed some pink in my day so pink along with our theme of hearts, I have this page to share.

I sketched the flowers lightly in pencil then gave a watercolor wash in pink over the entire page. I wasn't too concerned about covering up the flowers because I could still see the pencil marks and painted the flowers with acrylics. I hope I've inspired you today, and if you want/need more....just check out Emily's blog later to see the other 'heart' inspired projects.

For you card lovers out there, I'll be back tomorrow with one of those.

till then...Linda


creativchen said...

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CraftyViolet said...

Love it - as usual. Once again,yours is the best of the bunch!

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