Monday, November 14, 2011

AJ Monday

Emily has not posted her AJ Monday yet, that must mean she had a good time with Paula on the weekend and is recouperating from all the fun! Speaking of Emily (Stamping Bella, in particular) I've been doing a little shopping for new mixed media products and created the page below primarily with the following:

Oh did I have fun creating this one and it put me in a happy place, hence the quote which I got out of one of the MANY quote books I own. I'm a gal of few words but do enjoy finding a good quote to express how I feel at the time. I think that is what my journal is going to be all about. Create a page, and find a quote to define the moment. The thought of doing that excites me! I have 5 blank pages left in this journal and then I can bind it all up and starting January my new book is just going to be full of quotes, and techniques, and happiness.

I actually started this one Friday night and then didn't like the page so I cut it up in squares to use on my 'new' page. There are layers here gals.....MANY MANY layers. I think even at one point I gesso'd over 75% of it and started again. Did it bother me to do that , no way...I know what is under it, and I enjoyed the journey.

Not sure yet what our theme will be next week so be sure to stalk Emily's blog and she will announce it when she posts.

'till next time, Linda


CraftyViolet said...

Love it - as usual!

How do you do your journalling? Is this a stencil: free hand? computer generated? What? I always struggle with the actual writing part.

April said...

I love it!! SUPER GREAT QUOTE! Beautiful page!!

Susan said...

Beautiful, Linda!

Linda Carson said...

totally cool! It reeks mojo!

Art Expression said...

I love your is super super beautiful....

smd46 said...

I'm just beginning this type of art journaling and am having a ball with it. Can you share how you did the journaling on this page? Thanks!!


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