Monday, December 12, 2011

2011 - the year I found my muse

muse: verb, noun
Definition: (v.) to think about or ponder something deeply; (n.) the source of inspiration for an artist

Emily's AJ Monday this week was to use letters or numbers (or both) on your page. I pondered (mused!) over it for a few days and yesterday I settled on the 2011....the year I found my muse.

It might not be one of my most fav pages I have done, but I think it means the most to me. I spent an entire year pondering over this art journal thing, reading lots of blogs, experimenting and trying to find my comfort zone. This year I took a few online classes from some of my fav mixed media artists and I think I'm starting to find my groove. I've realized that I will never be a Kelly Kilmer, as much as I love her work, it is not my style. I don't know if I have a style yet, I'm still experimenting...and enjoying the journey.

Don't stray toooo far because I'll be back Wednesday with Mo's door with wreath and you are not gonna wanna miss this one because I did something a little different this year.

hehehehee! ....Later, Linda.

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