Saturday, May 26, 2012

On the road again

No card today so if you are here for that you might want to come back in a couple days. However, if you are even remotely interested in my non-crafting adventures you can stick around because this is a TOTAL NON-CRAFTY post.
You might recall last week I was taking a hiatus from my blog and that is because hubby and I were 'on tour' with one of our mutual fav bands Dave Matthews. We do have musical interests aside from Dave that don't really cross paths but this is one artist that we both enjoy so we take advantage of it and venture off to cities we might not otherwise visit.

This trip took us to Houston, Dallas, Atlanta and Charlotte NC. Hubby spends a good deal of time working in Houston but this concert was in an area called the Woodlands which is a distance from his office in a beautiful tree lined neighborhood with an outdoor mall...there was even a Tiffany's there which sadly I didn't get to.
The first night i met my cousin Vinney, okay, so he is not my cousin but his name is Vinney and we had the best time sitting with him. I will never forget his face and throwing his arms up in the air hugging us when Dave played one of of the crowd favorites. 

While Vinney was younger than us we did meet another couple sitting near us who were more our age and they were from just outside of New Orleans.  He is an engineer by trade but plays drums in a band as a side hobby....obviously Carter is his guy and he never took his binoculars off of him.
The next day we head to Dallas for concert #2 and shock of shocks we sat behind the New Orleans couple and ran into cousin Vinney in the crowd.  See, despite what some of my friends might think, we are NOT the only people who 'follow' Dave from concert to concert.

Before heading to concert #3 in Atlanta we spent an extra day in Dallas to take in some sights. First on the list HAD to be the JFK Memorial in the old Texas book depository, the grassy knoll and the spot where JFK was assasinated. Ya, that is hubby standing on the 'x' where Kennedy took the second bullet to the head. I was just over 4yrs old when it happened and although I don't recall the events of the day I do vaguely remember the funeral. The thing that struck me most about the exhibit is how security has changed in the 48 years since his tragic death.

Our second tour of the day was at Cowboy Stadium. Cousin Vinney told me that Dallas was one rich city and if this stadium is any indication of that, he is bang on! This place makes Ford Field in Detroit look like a dump and I thought Ford Field was pretty nice. Of course, that is speaking from someone who does not like football at all...(and even after the tour, I still think that Ford Field is still pretty nice) For any of you Cowboy fans out there you might appreciate this pic of hubby taking the players walk out onto the field. He really liked this pic...must be a guy thing.

Me, I was more smitten with my lace scarf and swarovski studded belt that I purchased at Wild Bill's Western wear

Now we were off to Atlanta. Our flight was delayed due to weather and when we finally got there Hertz rented more cars than they had so another delay. When we finally got to our hotel we were tired and found a pub that we thought we be nice and quiet but it ended up being karaoke night! Free entertainment!

We didn't have much time there but did manage to get to the Georgia Aquarium. The huge aquarium was quite impressive, but overall I think I like the Shedd in Chicago better.

 Finally, I just can't leave without posting a couple of my fav concert pics....see ya in Toronto Dave!


Bren said...

Sounds like an awesome time!!! Glad you enjoyed yourself. Hubby and I just celebrated our 27th year. It's good to spend time together.

KimCreate said...

Your post caught my eye and was wondering if you made it to Hartford CT, right next to where I live, to catch the Dave concert.
I didn't see it but the rest of the entire greater Hartford area did!!! It was this weekend.
Nice to see your travels and blog posts. That lace scarf is gorgeous!

CraftyViolet said...

Sounds like you had a great trip - awesome, in fact. Nice that you and hubby enjoy the same thing and travel together. Cool way to travel I must say.

Shannan Teubner said...

Can't believe you were in Dallas and didn't tell me!!!!! HMPH


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