Friday, July 13, 2012

Self Portrait

Lots to cram in here today and we will start with my self portrait, compliments of Stamping Bella's Uptown Girl Pippa loves to Plant.

I coloured her up for this weeks sketch challenge over at Bloggabella and to be honest, the only self portrait thing about this is the gardening gloves and potted plants! I'm sort of lacking the long lean legs! LOL!

Quickly moving on to other news, you probably know that I am headed to Toronto this weekend for a day of classes with Paula at the Bella HQ. I meant to do this earlier in the week, but no excuses, I just didn't get around to it.

Paula will be doing her usual 4 cards in pencil and I will be doing three in a copic/pencil combo. And this time 'round we are devoting the classes to the ever popular Uptown Girls. How cool is that! You may have read on Paula's blog that we do have one overlapping image, and if you happen to be in both classes this will give you a good taste of both sides of the fence.

I won't keep you in suspense any longer, here we go....

Ava loves to celebrate

Claudia has a candy

Lolly and her Brolly
That's it!
Hope to see you tomorrow.


Tracy Valure said...

If only I lived closer, I would LOVE to take your coloring class...your coloring is always top notch awesome!

Tracy V

Bren said...

I would be there if I could for that class. FABULOUS!!!! works of art.

Janette said...

Oh it would be amazing to attend that class, but way to far for me..UK...
Your work is stunning, always love to see your gorgeous designs and wonderful colouring.xx

Amy Sheffer said...

I'd be at yours and Paula's classes in a heartbeat if I could! Someday!!! Your cards are seriously amazing! TFS!

Rosanne said...

Awesome card class today Linda! Thanks

Dana White said...

The self portrait is stunning - love the cards you made for the class on the weekend

Renata Elenbaas said...

I just love all the Stamping Bella images, so sorry they're not digital!
This one is also great again. love how you've coloured her!


dpkennedy said...

Did you hear me gasp? Everyone in my house did, lol! Gawgus!!!!


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