Sunday, August 12, 2012

I am the queen of putzing

The last couple weeks I have been very busy taking on a bedroom makeover and painting hallway trims and baseboards that were in a very sorry state. Nothing is coming together YET...but progress is being made.

The bedroom is going to be ZEN BABY! Cool mushroom coloured walls, matching grass cloth behind the bed (yes, the real deal grass cloth!) and a new window covering. This is what I have picked out. The walls are done, some patching needs to get finished before I put up the grass cloth and I'm going to wait till the wallpaper is up before calling my blind guy to bring in some samples.

The swatch on the right is the grasscloth and the one on the left is a first pick at a window covering. I just want a very sleek simple roller fuss, no frills....ZEN! and that is my paint sample thrown in there. I am a paint sample junkie....I actually own and buy paint sample swatch books. I don't like to make a kazillion trips to the paint store, I want every option at my fingertips. And my current paint of choice is Aura by Benjamin Moore....LOVE that paint. This may sound totally crazy to some, but I actually enjoy painting. Once all the prep work is done I sort of find it relaxing and love watching the transformation happen.

When I haven't been painting I've been putzing. (defn: to behave in an idle manner; putter) It is one of my absolute fav ways to wind down and relax. I'll just look at something and decide to reorganize it. Or maybe open up a kitchen cupboard and decide to empty it, wash it and reorganize it. Are you sensing that I LOVE to reorganize! However there is no organized madness to my putzing. It is totally random and spontaneous. And during my randomness today I popped in on Emily's blog to see what was going on and her theme for this weeks AJ Tuesday was time. While I was in the midst of doing nothing really productive, but somehow managing to keep busy, I thought I'd play along.

I did a quick search on the internet for quotes using the word time and when I found this one it just came together for me and I knew I had drop whatever it was I was doing to sit down and capture it.



Ann said...

Beautiful project ~ love the colors. I looooove Aura paint, but I crammed painting, kitchen, family room and hallway into a very short time before my son's h.s. graduation. This made me very sore in the neck for a few weeks, and I usually love painting too. Okay, so now I feel better that I'm probably not the only one telling people how much I love the creamy, smooth Oh and I don't allow anyone else in my home to paint the walls, in case they mess it up.

dolcreations said...

I would have to say, if your room turns out like you cards do all the time...we are in for a treat. I love all the natural colours you are going to use. We are finishing up a family room renovation and let me tell you it is not easy picking things out so it looks fantastic. I need to do it once to see how it looks and if it is not good to it again till its that means unlimited cash flow...a girl can only wish!

JulieF said...

love the colors on your page and the quote!
How did you do this? is it painted on or decorative paper or what? Thanks! I enjoy looking at your creations!

Jenny said...

I have had a good look around and ... I love everything you do! I am definitely sticking around. x


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