Saturday, April 18, 2009


Well...what a day we had today! Paula and Mary made the trip to Chatham and with Pauline in tow we headed to Scrapfest in Kitchner. Of course the VERY first stop I had to make was the Paper Pickle booth where Bella's were EVERYWHERE! Of course I had a selfish reason for scooting there first and that was to see my cards on display....Yup...all the cards on this display were made by Kell, Kim, Pauline and yours truely! It made me smile!

While Emily helped out with make and takes,

Ryan manned the blackberry and tended to emails. (or maybe he was playing on a Game Boy, I couldn't really tell!)

Then while Em sat trying to conduct the make and take...bella sistah Paula dropped her cards on Emily's lap and we held them up to the make and take crowd and all ooohhhh'd and awwwe'd.

We ran into lots of Paper Pickle friends and even one of the newest members of the SCS Dirty Dozen Design Team...Chatham Kent's very own Bonnie...aka...The Lucky Clucker! Way to go Bonnie!!!!

Emily and I got a few good hugs in and I can't wait to see her again soon!

As Emily would say, MWAH!


Deanna said...

I missed meeting you today at Scrapfest as I was busy volunteering in my LSS booth! When I stood infront of the card display in the paper Pickle booth... you could have knocked me over with a feather! Your work is stunning and I have a few people who want to come to one of you classes! Off to check out the calender! Seriously your card are ridiculously good!

Shannan Teubner said...

How fun!!! You lucky duck!

Marcie S. said...

I couldn't make it yesterday to Scrapfest as my hubby was out of town on business (oh boy is he in trouble!!) and someone had to stay home and watch the kiddies (funny how that works, eh?)...oh well, my mom (Lucky Clucker) had fun and told me all about it,and said how gorgeous your cards looked displayed at the Paper Pickle booth!! Hope you had fun!

dolcreations said...

Oh my goodness, you are so lucky to have gone to Scrapfest. I wanted to go as well! I LOVE your cards and have made you and Paula part of my morning routine. Tea and Paula and your blog! I have actually purchased many a stamps after seeing your work! I was just there Thursday at Bella Land!
Love your stuff, Christine

eggette said...

It was sooooo fun to see you and Emily and all your gang yesterday!! I LOVED the Pickle Booth and all your delicious cards were just so prettily gorgeous!!! Can you tell that Marcie is a bit ticked?!! I spent sooooo much money.....yay!!

Robb_eeie said...

I'm so jealous! You guys looked like you were having a blast at Scrapfest :) The *Bella Wall* displaying all the card creations resembles a masterpiece!

The pic of you and Emily is adorable...[[Emily, your hair looks amazing! No frizz?? C'mon, share the product secret.]]


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