Sunday, June 28, 2009

Chick it out!

If you are a Stamping Bella and Emily fan like me you KNOW that she just had a birthday on Thursday and she is one hot chick! WELL....Nicky, Shannan, and Christy Croll (aka Tiddlyinks) came up with this fun b'day surprise for Emily. Cristy created an image just for Emily and Shannan emailed the babes and a few friends to see if they wanted to play along and create a b'day card for Em using this 'personalized' image! How could I say NO...just thinking of Em's wonder as these cards came rolling in was enough to make me wanna play!

If you are interested in reading her post you can do that here. Nothing better than a good Emily story to make me smile! This one was worthy of reading to the hubs. I have a handful of memorable Emily posts that have given me a good LOL chuckle and this one goes into that area of my eternal memory. The two others that are top of my list are when Nicky pulled out her personal fan in a meeting and when the baubles arrived! Priceless blog post memories! (yes Em, I've been reading your blog for a VERY long time!)

So here you have impression of Emily...classy and fabulous! I colored her with copics, added just a bit of shading with pencils, and of course some jewelzzzzzzzzzzz. We all know how Emily likes her bling and I certainly didn't want to disappoint her!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of making the trip up to the BOO-tique with Paula (yup...that would be the uber-talented Paula), Mary, Dana, Pauline and Shannan. We had a total blast, Paula and I gave pencil and copic tips and we met a ton of Bella fans. I even got to meet Christine Dol. I'll be she doesn't know it, but I anticipate reading her comment as much as she anticipates seeing my post! Funny the way it is, isn't it! Here is a pic of Paula doing her thing with Emily, Nicky and Carolyn looking on.

After all the colorin' was over I did some a LOT of shopping...I may have come home with a pound of rubbah. I also have a new love...that would be the Bella paper. OMG! If you are a copic fan like myself you MUST try this paper. It is amazing! I stamped an image in memento and got right down to coloring. No smearing, no bleeding and it is a lighter weight paper than papertrey so you don't need as much ink to get the paper wet enough to blend the colors. I couldn't find it on the website, but I'm sure it will be coming soon!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend, what's left of it!


dolcreations said...

Your card is just stunning...I also had the pleasure of seeing it in person and ...WOW!

What an absolute pleasure it was to meet you and Paula. I am so glad that you made the trip to Stamping Bella. The tips we learned yesterday were just amazing. Now I have to practice!
Thank-you so much for taking the time to show us all what great things you can do with copics, lyras, prismas and of course those beloved Bella stamps! Can't wait to see what cards you will make with your new purchases!!

"Luv 2 Glitter" by Brenda M. said...

Sounds like everyone had a blast! Your card is fabulous and absolutely love that image. If they are not already in the process they should be in creating a series of that stamp (just like the Stellas)

Carolyn said...

What an honor to finally meet you ladies in person. What amazement you caused us all watching your fantastic coloring. I think I scraped my chin off the table far too many times. You and Paula were such a hoot. The day was fantastic spending it in the same room with such inspiration and talent. I love spending the day in Bellaland with Emily and Nicky, and to be invited to spend it with your group as well was such an honor. I hope we'll get the opportunity to spend more time with you girls. It was a great day.

Carla said...

Linda your card is also classy & fabulous!! So sorry I wasn't able to make it yesterday. Next time for sure!!

dpkennedy said...

And this is both classy and fabulous!!


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