Monday, August 24, 2009

Happy Birthday John!

This is our friend John.

John turns 50 in a few days and all he wanted for his birthday was to be blogged. He wanted it so badly, he even sent me the picture he wanted me to post! LOL! Look at that's just like he's saying "Hey! Look at me, I'm on a blog!". Well John, it has taken 50 years but you finally made are on a blog!

And this is the card I made for John. Although he may not look this old, he may feel this old today after completing a Sprint Triathlon yesterday! Just kidding John, a little birdie by the name of Mark tells me you beat your goal! Way to go!

Happy Birthday!


Carla Murphy said...

What a great card Linda! Happy Birthday John!!

dolcreations said...

Welcome John to the world of blogs!
Happy Birthday!

Linda this card is fantastic!

Jane Wetzel said...

HA HA!! Love this card! Tell John he looks pretty good and welcome to the 50ties!!! ha ha ha!!

Meahni said...

I LOOOOOOOVE this, it is stunning!
I hope John realises the only other man there is room for on your blog is Dave!!! He is lucky he got a tiny little slot, lol!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday John!!! Awesome card Linda!

Silvia said...

What a cute card Linda! ~ happy birthday to John.

Regan said...

ack...thats amazing..I totally finished my cards from rock girl!!

Anonymous said...

Wow what a great Birthday gift, finally I have entered the blogosphere! Thanks Linda and all for the BD wishes. I checked and there was a mistake, I am only 40.


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