Saturday, November 21, 2009

Anything Bella!

Yup, she is the original, the one we all came to know and love and easily find one (or a few) that totally relates to our individual personality! For me, oh there are a few, but cosmosbella is my first love and just screamed to make her way onto a Christmas card! With a little imagination, I can make just about ANYTHING into a Christmas card...LOL! So I colored her in blue, added some silver glitter ritz to her belt, used a silver copic spica pen on her shirt, paired her with the silver and blue SEI paper from last year and added a tag with the holiday cheer sentiment that was embossed in silver....there you have it!....cosmobella ready for the holidays!

Now for some family updates...and the reason for my late post! Our boys came home from school this weekend, I think primarily for some home cookin' so I have been working hard so I wouldn't disappoint! Chicken Parmesan last night with lots of leftovers. (Derek ate it for breakfast!) This morning I made Greek stuffed grape leaves and my parents came to dinner tonight. My mom brought her signature spinach pie to go along with the grape leaves and OMG!!!! Talk about food HEAVEN!!!!!!!!!! Mom went home with a bunch of stuffed grape leaves and I have several pieces of spinach pie for my freezer! Greek food is one of my fav's and these two dishes freeze really well and make a quick and delish dinner for those days when I get home late from work and don't feel like cookin' but want a home cooked meal!

So that's it! Tomorrow I'll make quiche for brunch and Derek will be heading back to Hamilton around noon. Thankfully hubby offered to make the longer drive and I'll just have to get Alex back to London...which is a MUCH shorter drive...hopefully that will give me some time to get some colorin' done tomorrow!

Right now, I'm watchin' the late news and trying desperately to stay awake to see my guy, Dave Matthews and his band, on SNL. I'll let you all know if I made it!


Milnie said...


I saw your card on the stamping bella blog and Felt in love with it! Love the papers you've used!



Bammin' Designs said...

Georgeous card Linda! Love the swirly background paper. Looks like cosmobella is ready for Christmas!

Pinky said...

Hi Linda
Wonderful cards Miz Faboo, creator of all things beautiful!!! I was thinking of you last night as I was watching SNL and hoped that you were going to watch it. Did you stay awake long enough? I thought..."geesh I hope see knows that Dave was going to be on". I thought of looking up your number but thought otherwise considering it was so late. But I'm sure you would have got out of your cozy slumber near the midnight hour if I told you that "the Man" was on the tele!! :) He did a great Ozzie impression I thought.
Hope you had a great weekend with your boys.
Cheeers, Pinky

Anonymous said...

This is beautiful! I love it!!!


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