Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My first Digi Image

I'm busy here cutting paper for class at Pickle on Thursday and putting together cards for the upcoming Bella class and felt the need for a break! What better way to take a break than to sit down with a glass of merlot and post a card!

This is my first digi image card, not the first I've coloured, but the first I've put into a card and this is Hockey Boy from from Mo's digital pencil. I love her images! But I'm still fence sitting on the whole digi thing. I'm old (remember I'm 50!), but I am computer savy (I AM a programmer afterall!), so I'm not 'afraid' of them....but I'm also a very touch and feel kinda girl. I own CD's, but I've also downloaded music from iTunes. The CD's I really want to OWN, I buy, and a single song that might give me joy for a short period of time I download. And I would consider myself a collector. As a collector I don't want to collect on my laptop because it is too immaterial for me, I want to hold it, smell it, fondle it...so I continue to buy rubbah! And I probably will because when someone wants to see my collection I don't want them to sit down and browse my laptop!

Now digital does have it's advantages....primarily it's FAST, especially for those in remote areas. But it is still NOT rubbah and I can't hold it. Case in point....when Dave Matthews Band came out with their new CD earlier this year we pre-ordered it (cause we are groupies!) but we didn't get it the day it came out....SO I downloaded it from iTunes the day it was released because I wanted to hear it THAT DAY! So I spent 9.99 to get the CD online, but I have no regrets that I also own the 'hardcopy'.

I realize I am a different generation, but in years to come, your computer images will likely be gone unless you are careful with them. And they will never show the signs of age and love that rubber does. And in generations to come, no one will probably ever know you enjoyed rubber stamping because you will have nothing material to show for it. I want to leave a bit of me behind and I want my kids and grandkids, and maybe even great-grandkids to see that rubber, touch it, and feel it and know what made me happy!

WOW! That was pretty deep wasn't it! Must have been the wine! Better go finish cutting my paper now.


Jane Wetzel said...

whew Linda..what kind of wine is it??ha ha!! I KNOW EXACTLY WHAT U MEAN...it was very hard for me..I was pouting the whole time but it gets to be addicting cuz it is Instant Gratification! And Mo's are so fun to color! This is absolutely GORGEOUS..You are so TOTALLY TALENTED and I so look forward to your posts!
CHEERS!! hugz, Jane :)

Tricia said...

Yes, yes, and YES! I can do the whole digi thing, but it's just not the same!! It's so fun to get the new stamps in the mail, and dig through my collection. Going from wood mounts to acrylic mounts I can do, but I don't think I'll ever go all digital. However, that doesn't discount the fact that that is a FANTASTIC card!!! :-) TFS!!!

mycardz said...

Now don't ME started too! I think Jane said enough for the both of us!! lol I definitely love the rubber ...hmmm, that just doesn't sound right! But, I completely understand. Love my CDs also. :)

But, I REALLY love your coloring of this little guy! Whoa, the dark brown edging is amazing on his shirt! Awesome,awesome,awesome! You really should be on some type of Copic DT!! hugz, Mary

Cindy H. said...

Your card is just adorable, Linda! I love Mo's images,too, but I am NOT computer savvy so I do not download them. I think I read somewhere that some of her images will be made into rubber. I'll be in line, if that's the case, because her images are so darn cute.

Diane said...

I agree completely Linda. I love my 'actual' stamps not virtual!! I love getting them in the post, inking them up and colouring them in and then filing them away in their respective drawers - it's too much hassle to go onto the laptop everytime I want an image.
Your Bella card is lovely BTW, can't see any problem with the shading -x-

Denise said...

Hey girl... I'm with you all the way. I do LOVE the quick access to the digis and they don't take up room in my house, but you're absolutely right... there's something about the rubber. Even the clear 'rubber' that looks dirty and icky after their first use... I LOVE that!! Course... I'm an oldie (but goodie) too!!

paula said...

I got to see you color this from start to finish...he is outstanding!! I'll take the rubber if no one in your family wants it when you are gone. bwahahahaha


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