Friday, September 24, 2010

I can't believe the weekend is here already!

Because I have lots of vacation left due to two months off on disability after the horrible accident I have been taking one vacation day a week! OMG! I WANT TO WORK FOUR DAY WEEKS FOR THE REST OF MY WORKING DAYS! I love it...and it sure does make the week fly by.

I do not have today off however, I am at work! But I'll be taking Monday off to catch up on chores that will go by the wayside while I am at the Bella Headquarters this weekend teaching my class on Sunday. Do you know that I am actually arriving on Saturday, and just gonna hang out at the store, smell the rubber, drool over the paper, pester Dena if she is there and pop in on Paula's class on and off just to harass a bit! I love to do that!!!! hehe!

This week our challenge was faux or sew! Can you guess? I sewed! I not only sewed, I even added some REAL lace trim to the card to make it look really sewed! now when I say REAL, it means I bought the trim at a fabric store and not a craft store, not that there is really any difference...except that i think they jack up the price when you buy it at a craft don't discount the trim section in your local fabric may find some real gems there!

As always, I stamped Prince Edward Island girl on Bella's BESTEST paper and coloured her with the following copic markers:
e0000, 000, 00, 11, 02
E30, 31, 33, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44
R0000, 000, 00, 20, 21, 22
G40, 12, 21, 82 94
BG0000, 000, 00

I didn't write down the pencils I used, but likely some nectar to deepen the pinks, and maybe some white to add some highlights to the dress. I don't know about you, but me, I WANT that needlepoint bag of hers! So Ralph Lauren-ish! If I chould choose a 'look' for myself it would definitely be her! I love her and I think she is a picture of me when I was in my early 20's. ...that would be before I embrassed the 'Out of Africa' look! I'm such a victim of fashion trends! wait till i show you a pic of the new boots I picked up in Chicago! OMG! can you say HOT!!!!!!!

Now before I leave you I want to give you a heads up on next week's challenge....You know it is the 1st of October...and what is October know for.....HALLOWEEN!....and that is our challenge! Now I don't send halloween cards myself, but my mother ALWAYS gave our boys halloween cards! she would usually put 5 or 10 dollars in the card because she lives in a different city and couldn't indulge them with treats at her door. Now me, i would just buy extra bags of chocolate bars so the boys would have treats to indulge in at home...but now that they are off at school (YAY!) I just may send them a card with 5 or 10 dollars in it so they can buy their own treats.....ya....I'm a sucker mom!!!!!!

Till next time, enjoy the Halloween tradition!


ladybugg61 said...

I'm always in awe of your amazing colouring skills, but when I saw this lovely in my e-mail box, I had to come over to your blog to comment on how beautiful it is! Outstanding, just outstanding!

Krista said...

'SIGH' this is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Your papers match perfectly. Awesome card!!!! What a great start to my day!

Debs said...

Love this image can you tell me where its from please. Cant find it on the link.
Hugs Debs

Mary Frances said...

Beautiful card Linda!! Love the soft colors and lace. Have fun this weekend!

Amber said...

This is gorgeous!

Betty said...

Extra vacation, what's that? LOL I would love to work 4 days a week to (probably could but the stamp money would suffer badly). I plan on taking 2 weeks off at Christmas and have to have my pins out in Nov. sometime after I get my work travel out of the way.
Pretty card to! It's funny the things you can find cheaper in the NON-CRAFT stores that are the same, like a heat resistant craft mat...oven liner. Paper distressor...thread cutter.

Dana White said...

This is stunning - the colours are perfect & the lace adds so much - have a great time at bellaland!!

Cindy H. said...

I love this Mo image and I love your gorgeous coloring of her!! As soon as I saw her in red rubber, I just had to order it. tfs

Crafty Cath said...

Love reading your's like a window into the life of Linda. And your card is stunning - as always!. Lovely soft colors - and the bag is fabulous! And yes, please show us a picture of your new boots! Enjoy your weekend with Emily and crew in Bellaland.

Becky said...

This little image reminds me of you.:) just adorable and coloring beautifully.

Linda Carson said...

Picture perfect!

Monique said...

What remarkable coloring.. Beautiful card!!

Anonymous said...

I think I kind of have a crush on you...look at this card!!!


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