Monday, September 20, 2010

If I were a golfer...

I would be certainly enjoying the cooler temps we have had the last little while...and even though I don't golf, I'm still enjoying it! However, I'm NOT in ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM ready for snow...not even a dusting...thinking of you Dana and hoping some better weather comes your way soon!

In honour of what I consider perfect golf weather I coloured up Mo's Big Guy Golfing. I'm gonna gush a bit here, I LOVE this card...the colors, the paper, the ribbon, it all came together perfectly for me and that always makes me happy.

This Big Guy was stamped with Memento Ink on Bella's BESTEST paper and coloured with the following copic markers.
E50, 51, 53 (i always use these colors for flesh tones on my 'male' images)
E40, 41, 42, 43, 44
E13 for his little bit of hair
B0000, 000, 41
Y0000, 00, C00, 1, 3
W00, 1, N0, 1, 2

As always I added just a small amount of shading on the image with pencils, and all grass and hint of blue sky was also with pencils.

In case you were wondering where my usual Sunday morning post was because hubby and I spent the weekend in Chicago. No, not a shopping and eating adventure (although I did manage to squeeze in some shopping)...we were there to see Dave...ya...Dave Matthews AGAIN...this time at Wrigley Field. I'll admit, seeing a concert at a sports venue is NOT my fav cause there are just wayyyyy too many peeps for my liking and the place is just too big...but on the other see so many fans in one place is pretty cool! So here are some pics...

Mark bought me a new scarf...and I was glad I had it because the temps were on the nippy side! Hmmm....shoulda photoshopped that zit off my forehead!

Wrigley Field....CA-RA-ZZZZY general admission fans!

And finally, this is so cute....Bessie had a little vacation of her own and spent the weekend with my friend Kathy, and her friend JD. The two were born within months and have know each other since they were pups. Kathy took this pic with her iPhone while they were out on a walk and sent it to me. JD is the laid back relaxed one on the right, and that is Bessie taking the lead (as always) on the left! Aren't they adorable!!!! Thanks Kath!!!!

Now don't forget about our challenge this week...FAUX or SEW...can't get any easier than that. And I also want to shout out a HUGE thanks for those who played in the sketch challenge last week...I took just a quick peek at the cards on the Bellablog last night and I've got to go back and take some closer looks because they were amazing!

That's it for today...I have the pleasure of a day off work so I'm gonna finish up my class stuff for this weekend and maybe get some colouring time in!


Janette said...

Fabulous card as always, and it sounds like you had a fab week-end.xx

Dana White said...

Nice scarf - we needed it here (still do) and if you were a golfer out here you would be watching the rain fall hoping it doesn't turn into snow! They say warmer by the weekend (really I just want to crack +10) but I don't know if I believe them!
LOVE your card

Shannan Teubner said...

So fun!! I was hoping to make it up to Madison Square Garden in November, but looks like a no-go. I missed him here in Dallas last week! :(

Becky said...

Fabulous card and adorable pictures.

CraftyC said...

Your card is gorgeous Linda and so beautifully coloured!

Linda Carson said...

What a handsome card! Perfectly colored (as always) and that paper was made for a golfer!

Crafty Cath said...

So much your scarf and little Bessie leading the pack. Then you give us a wowser with your golfer. You have a right to gloat - he looks great! Paper, colors and thanks for the copic skin color tip for guys. I've never seen this - very helpful sistah.


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