Friday, October 8, 2010

Are we there yet?

I decided to dedicate my Fall Colours Stamping Bella challenge card to all those campers and cottagers out there who might be enjoying the last weekend of cottage/camping bliss. Now we don't inn express is Mark's idea of roughing it. And seriously, those city slicker Michael Kors babies are not exactly made for the woods!

I wish we did like to camp though because I love the 'idea' of being one with nature, but with my squeamishness around bugs, and Mark's lack of talent with an axe it just ain't gonna happen. Now, I should give poor Mark a break...he might just be able to wield an axe, it's just that I've never seen him use one so I'm making an assumption here.

So for you campers and cottagers who may be packing up the trailer this weekend I give you Charlie. How cute is he in his little bucket with a frog on his head! Reminds me of when I would bring frogs home as pets from the cottage when I was a child. FYI....I was a minor, and my dad loved to cottage so I really had no say in it. Plus, frogs were cheaper than souvenirs and catching them kept me entertained during the day.

I know! I know! Paula JUST posted the same image this past weekend but seriously, I had mine coloured first but she didn't know it! It was NOT her way of trying to take away my thunder...LOL! Paula used her new pencils, but I used my beloved copics with a bit of shading with some pencils. I didn't keep track of the pencils, but just remember, pick a shade that is darker than the copic you used. For example, I likely used terra cotta and dark umber pencils on that burnt orange pail.

E0000, 000, 00, 11, R20, 22, 37
E40, 41, 42, 43,44
YR00, E93, 95, 97, 99
YG00, 11, 45
G121, 20, 24, 82, 40, 85

I finished it off with some glossy accents on the pail handle (ya, just like Paula), black glaze pen on his eyes, clear glaze pen on the frog 'warts', brown flock on the pussy willows (got ya there Paula!) and finally some green flower soft and ultra fine flower soft in a colour called Sand below the pail! So lots of tiny little subtle details to catch your eye! Paper is Cosmo Cricket Joy Ride (perfect for my fall camping theme) and a little tag with my oval spellbinders and Stamping Bella's Your So Cool sentiment from Dylan Lollipop was the perfect addition. Come on, kids who catch frogs are definitely cool in my books!

Whew! That's it for the card and a little birdie told me that Ebru has a special bellarific friday video this week! I've had a peek of it, and it is AMAZING! I hope Emily doesn't get mad at me for saying that it brought a tear to her eye!I don't know about you, but I am LOVING these video's!

Next week our challenge will be.....drum roll please.....Ketto's....yup, they have not have much love lately and we want to bring those little gems out of hiding. So dust them off, get 'em inked and create something! It is cheaper than therapy and you will feel wonderful when it's finished!


Pauline said...

Okay, is the adorable or what? Way to cute Linda, I love how your cards always flow so nicely, from you coloring, papers and layout! I'm with you, this gal doesn't camp either!

Kerri said...

camping..are you kidding..cold, dirt,bugs and wait no scrapping room....just shoot me now do not prolong the the card and the colors..I keep running out of time going to get a card in next week..ketto got it...again amazing

Cindy H. said...

Cute, cute, cute!! Beautiful coloring, as always! I like the flocked cattails, flower-soft and sparkle:)

When it comes to camping, I'm outta here! I want bathroom facilities, a bed with no bugs and a lock on the door :)

Ebru - (April) said...

Not much of a camper here, I have to strongly agree with Kerri, cold, dirt and bugs no thank you. But I am lov'in your card Linda. Your coloring is just gorgeous, I need to really practice my copics...

Have an awesome Thanksgiving !!!

Dana White said...

my hubby has the exact same opinion on camping!! He never understood the cottage thing when we lived out there - driving in traffic for hours to work on your cottage then driving back; how is that relaxing?! LOVE your card, he is too cute

Silli said...

Your colring is it!

Becky said...

This is adorable..fabulous coloring and love the design paper.

Ann said...

Oh - this is adorable and I love how smooth your shading is for the bucket. I also really love the ground around the bucket but the whole composition is striking.

Kim Teasdale said...

Love it! What a sweet image and I agree about the camping. We bought a 28' trailer so I take my house with me when I go....and my crafty things too ;) No more sleeping on the cold ground in a damp tent with the bugs for me :D

Anonymous said...

We just sold our trailer and I do miss it. That is camping for me, AC, heat, TV, microwave, and a nice fire to sit by...with wine of course!

Robin McK said...

Hey Linda!
Well, you've done it again! This card is soooooo adorable, and your colouring brings a tear to my eye! LOL
Great papers too...perfect for e boy.
I find it funny that you are squeamish with bugs, but you brought home frogs when you were little? Ewwww, the thought makes me squirm : )

paulatracy said...

i hate you.


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