Monday, October 11, 2010

something different

Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian friends and readers! Are you all doped up on turkey yet? Me, I'm a little doped up on muscle relaxants because my poor back decided to remind me it was there and spasmed out on Saturday. It hasn't caused me problems for a few years so why it decided to pick the long weekend I'll never know!

Usually it is my lower back that gives out, but this time it is my shoulder and neck which has radiated into my right arm. YA, that arm! So I'm gonna keep the typing to a minimum.

Today, I'm gonna show you one of the cards I made for my mom's stash. It is an Impression Obsession stamp that I bought in Novi and is probably meant for Valentine's Day, but works equally well for anniversaries I think.

Kimabella's GORJUS cards inspired me to pull out my Tombow markers for this one. I used them a lot when I first started stamping but they have gone to the wayside now. Gosh I wish I had all the time in the world just to use everything I have in my arsenal!

I stamped this with versamark on watercolor paper and embossed with gold EP. I then coloured with the markers and blended it out a bit with a wet paintbrush. Clearly I'm a bit rusty with the tombows and forgot some of my lessons learned from the past which caused some of reds to bleed out. Oh well...I'll pretend it was intentional!

Did you know that Emily is gonna be at Scrapfest in Oshawa this weekend with a new release in tow and I was lucky enough to colour a couple of them up! I'll have sneak peeks for you Wednesday and Thursday, then back again on Friday with my Ketto challenge card. Wait till you see that one! It's gonna be another something different and I was fortunate enough to get it done just before the shoulder and arm gave out!

Before I go, this is the sympathy I got from my Bessie girl yesterday! I get all my pillows set up on the sofa and turn around to get the heating pad and in a split second she was on there clearly thinking I did this for her!

She's such a funny girl!


Pauline said...

Very pretty Linda, and I really don't think you have lost your touch coloring with Tombows. And how cute is that Bessie girl - nope doesn't look like she is giving you any sympathy!

Ebru - (April) said...

I really like this card Linda. I do not own any Tombows and it looks like I am going to have to invest in some cause I really like the effect when blended with water.
Bessie is so cute cuddled at the corner of the couch...

Gabriela said...

That Bessie! I guess you could call that Pretty Privileges. I hope your neck and shoulder get to feelin' better real soon. Your "watercolor" roses are fabulous! I'll have to try that Tombow water color effect - mine will be intentional. Thanks for the inspiration and do feel better.

Cindy H. said...

I like this beautiful card with it's heart-roses. It's so lovely!!

Ouch!! Hope you feel better soon.

Linda Carson said...

Beautiful artwork! Love that stamp! Miss Bessie is a smart dog!!

paulatracy said...

Look at your baby girl....all snuggle. what a good mom are you. haha, these animals in my house pull the same crap! No...the soft pillow and blanket aren't for have fur.


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