Monday, May 16, 2011

I'm back with afternoon class cards

....and an apology

This is for my afternoon gals...I was having such a good time, sitting down with you, chatting, colouring...I just felt like I was with a bunch of friends...which you are, by the way. Anyhow, I tend to watch the clock in class to make sure we are on track and I can cover all I want to tell you. I glance at my watch and it is 10 minutes to the hour....HOWEVER...I had the wrong hour! So I rush you along because I REALLY want to teach you pixie hair and it's now 10 minutes past the I saunter off to see Helen and Ebru and I later find out that Ebru is silently thinking 'why is she here, when her class is in there'...and I'm silently thinking 'boy, these ladies are in no rush to get home'...WELL ....I come back to the 'class' and at that point I realize that I had my hour WRONG and make up some goofy excuse that I got side tracked...truth is, I was too embarrassed to tell you the truth! So the 5 of you have my blessing to smack me upside the head the next time you see me! OMG...I deserve it....I AM SOOOOO SORRRY and I feel so stupid!

Now for the second reason I am here today and that is to show you the finished pics of the class cards...I'll start with a little smooch, a Mo Manning image available in rubber at Stamping Bella! I coloured this one along with you ladies and ended up giving it to Ebru...have I ever mentioned that she is one of the sweetest people I have ever met, not to mention talented! Her art journalling and drawings blow me out of the water! Back to the image...I LOVE this one and she is suprisingly fast and easy to colour...and now that I realize she is wearing a skirt and top my wheels are spinning all over again! You ladies in Chatham AND Toronto just rock the Mo's so I've decided all future classes will start off with a Mo!!!!

Second up, we have another pixie....and I was sooooo proud of everyone because your hair turned out BEAUTIFUL! Just remember, repeat those steps for best results! I was asked about what kind of glitter I use and I have three fav's...1) hero arts, 2) glamour dust, and 3) stickles. No matter which one I use, I always use the same method which you can find in this post. This card happened to use Icicle Stickles but Crystal is another fav of mine.

Finally we have Peony Bittybloom. I think this was the tip off that I had my hours mixed up because we NEVER get to the third card in class and when I came back you were all working on this one! (OMG...still hanging my head in shame!)

So that's it! Don't forget about our sketch challenge this Friday. I don't have my done yet, but my image and sentiment is all picked out just waiting to get smathered with ink. And if you have time to spare, hop on over to the forum because Jess is all over it and stirring up some major fun on there!

'till next time, Linda.


Ebru Vatansever said...

Oh Linda, you are making me blush my friend. Here's me on cloud number nine on Saturday night. I tried to absorb as much as I possibly could from you awesome ladies. Your she art canvas turned out drop dead gorgeous and you say I blow you out of the water ??? ahem, not !!! You must post the canvas on your blog for everyone to see. I also want to thank you so much for the perfectly colored Mo image which will be displayed on my front entrance table of my home along with Paula's card. Hugs !!

Bren said...

:) Thank you Linda for sharing your glitter secrets, and, looks like afternoon class was quite productive.

Riet said...

So gorgeous cards Linda,I love the images and your papers.

Hugs Riet.xx

Betty said...

Linda you make EVERYTHING look realistic and jump at you. Love it.


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