Friday, July 22, 2011

circle? or square?...maybe a little tutorial!

What did you do? I played it safe and went for the square card, and I did the sketch from memory and that is why my sentiment is hanging off the wrong side. Clearly, my memory is not so good anymore.

I pulled out one of Stamping Bella's pixies because I've had some questions on how I do that hair so I thought I'd show you! Grab a coffee, pull out those copics and give it a try.

Step 1:
Start with E21 on the left side and add loose dots as pictured in the right side all over the hair. Then go back again starting at the left side and add a second layer of dots. You want to create some texture and it is okay, even desireable to leave some white.

Step 2:
Now take your E33 and add more dots. You don’t want your dots too big, actually as you add darker colours to the hair you want to decrease the size of your dots. Keep some open space to let the E21 show through

Step 3:
Still with your E33, and still using dots, darken up some of the areas to begin creating shadows  and darken around the outside edges. Use the squiggles in the stamped image that come ‘into’ the hair as a guide and darken above those lines. If her hair is just an outline with no obvious shaded areas, then just darken around the edges, keeping  it lighter in the middle

Step 4:
Now Take your E35 and darken up those shadows a bit as well as the outside edges

Step 5:
Add some E37 in small amounts and using VERY TINY DOTS deepen up those shadows and edges again.

Step 6:
Now soften off the dark E37 dots with the E21 and/or E33. You can repeat steps 3 thru 6 again to get a softer look.

As a final step take your dark umber pencil and add a SMALL amount in those shaded areas and blend it out with your stump and gamsol. It will soften the dots and add more depth. And don't be stingy with those dots! The more layers you add the better it will look.

Our challenge for the final Friday in July will be that old tradition (or maybe new?)...CHRISTMAS IN JULY! Pull out those holiday stamps that have been collecting dust and get a head start on the busiest holiday season of the year!

I'm off to Toronto this weekend to bond with my sistah's....chic time! Inky chic time! Ya, I'm excited!



Gena Porter - aka GDP2001 said...

love this card! great tutorial also.
What is the Dp you used for this?

Tammy Hershberger said...

(Gena... I believe that is Sweet Threads from Basic Grey!)

DARLING card, Linda and thanks for that tutorial! You SO rock the coloring of everything, and I really appreciate seeing how you do the Pixie's hair! I will definitely have to try this!

Cindy H. said...

Such a cute card!! Thanks so much for the tutorial, I really do appreciate it since I love your coloring:) tfs

Stampin' Granny said...

Love your card, Linda!! And thank you so much for your tutorial! I can't wait to try it. {{hugs}}

Dana White said...

Oh she is so sweet - LOVE your card; mine didn't even get a sentiment so your memory was better then mine (or I just chose to ignore that part of the sketch!!) Love the tutorial for the hair
have a great weekend - happy floating in these warm temps; guess the pool isn't too cold?!

Kerri said...

Ok fab card!!The tut is grt..but I have tried it several times and the dots just are not cooperating with me..but I will master this sooner or later..Ok maybe later..thks for sharing the card as well as the tutorial..

Nena said...

Thank you so much for the tutorial!
Your card is just precious:-)

Robin McK said...

This is amazing - the colouring is so beautiful, and that hair is to-die-for! You are tha Queen!


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