Friday, July 29, 2011

Christmas in July

And how 'bout I get a good start on my xmas cards this year and start posting a xmas card a week to get our creative juices flowing! What do ya think? Are you ready yet? I know I'm not, I'm still hoping for SEVERAL more weekends of pina colada float time in the pool! But that holiday season will be on us before you know it so why not at least just start thinking about it now.

It is usually the first weekend in September when I begin thinking about my cards but this year I know I don't have a lot of extra time on my hands so I really gotta get going earlier. With that in mind I thought if I start posting a card a week starting now I JUST MIGHT know by September what I'm gonna make. I need about 50 of them and all the ones I post between now and the beginning of December get mailed and the ones that are easier I might make several of. Not to mention I make about 35 for my mom. So I'm a busy girl come September! I need to mentally prepare myself now for less journaling and canvas time! {sniff}!

Now I give you my first xmas card of the season, a 'new to me' stamp that I just got last weekend named King of the Candy Canes and I KNOW exactly who this one is going to. One down, 49 to go!

You might think the colours are a little 'off' and that is because they ARE 'off'!. I started with a selection of paper and knew I wanted a soft blue and red with a hint of green. Everything was going well for me until I pulled out my Versamagic inks to shade around the edge. DO YOU BELIEVE I DO NOT HAVE A SOFT BLUE! Well, I can believe it because I'm not really fond of blue. So I used an aqua colour and softened it off with wheat hoping it would turn blue. Well, it did lighten it, but it still remained an aqua tone! So I had to then start rummaging thru my paper stash to find something to match and this was the closest I could get. Not bad, but NOT what I envisioned! I'm just glad I salvaged my hour of colouring because I was NOT prepared to start over.

Our challenge next week is all about heavy metal...not in the musical way, thank goodness! I'm NOT into heavy metal...just in the embellie type of way, use something metal on your you know brads are made of metal? It's as simple as that so get going! And while you are at it, why not get out that journal that you have been thinking about and play along in Em's Monday journal post  or if that isn't enough, head on over to the forum if that is your thing and see what is going on there...SO MUCH TO DO there is no excuse for boredom.


Pauline said...

Fabulous card- the colours are fine Linda, you are too hard on yourself! I"m with you, I think I need to do one christmas card a week as well- great idea!

Tammy Hershberger said...

You enabler.... adding ANOTHER must-have stamp to my list because of your fabulous work!

Cindy H. said...

So cute!! Beautiful coloring and the dp is lovely!

I'm in the Christmas card planning stage right now, too. It's still all in my head but it won't be be long before I'll be putting ink to paper:)

Dana White said...

The colours are perfect really you are way too hard on yourself! OMG why don't I have this stamp? I must add him to my cart
Happy floating this weekend!!

Leslie said...

He's adorable! Super, super cute and I love your new photo!! Keep on that Christmas card roll and you'll be all set come December!


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