Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Happy Birthday to ME!

YUP...today is my birthday and I am not at all afraid to say that I am a whopping 53 years old....you know what that means...one year closer to retirement. My g'friend dreaded turning 49 this year and I say...hey it's all good! Another birthday is just a good excuse to get myself something I don't really need. This year I think it is going to be that Singer 160th anniversary sewing machine that Paula talked about here. She sent me a pic and over the weekend I slipped in front of my hubby and said in my sweetest voice....don't you think I need one of these for my birthday? When you throw in the 'B' word how can he possibly say no...not that he ever would...but it just makes the 'game' more fun.

Speaking of the weekend, we were back on 'tour' with Dave Matthews and on the way home we realized we drove around the entire shore line of Lake Erie! We started in Chatham and drove east to Toronto. Dave played to the crowd there for sure belting out all of the fan favourites. Then we headed east crossing into the US in Buffalo, NY en route to Cayahoga Falls, Ohio. A very different crowd there, much older and the set list was very eclectic and so different than the night before. Blossom Music Center is a beautiful venue tucked away in a heavily wooded area. It really is a peaceful place and if I were ever temped to park my butt on the grass somewhere, that would certainly be the place I would do it. From there we headed back to Chatham by way of Detroit! An entire loop of Lake Erie!

In honour of my birthday, it is only fitting that I colour up a birthday card! This is Stamping Bella's Ramona loves cake. Me and cake, not so much...if I'm gonna indulge I'd much rather eat an entire bag of potato chips or some really good keilbasa...yes, I am more salty than sweet.

At the risk of repeating myself, she was stamped on bella's BESTEST paper and coloured with copic markers, topped up with some prismacolor pencils. To make that cake extra yummy, I added some 'icing' with liquid applique. Don't forget about our masculine challenge this week and be sure to keep checking out the sneak peeks over at bloggabella.

As I always do, I'll leave you with a couple pics from the weekend....

Dave rocks Toronto

inside Blossom Music Center - LOVE it...reminds me of an old wooden rollercoaster

Blossom, view from the lawn.

And that's it! For the non-Dave fans...I'll be giving you a break because we don't have another 'date' until he plays DTE in July.


hauiline said...

Hi Linda!

Happy Birthday to you!!!
I love your cards and your style!
Todays card is fantastic!


yvette said...

Happy Birthday to you!!!!So funny are birthday is the same day my fellow gemini twin.. I am 46 today

terriavidreader (IN-USA) said...

Happy Birthday to you Linda!

Debbie Brackett said...

A very happy birthday to you! Enjoy and have a bag of chips on me too!

paulatracy said...

Cake is cute, your attention to detail at your age...it's remarkable. Now, can we just straighten out the eating cake part...there are a few Babes who have seen sugary treats cross them lips. I have seen other things too, but I will refrain from spilling those beans. They do say the mind is the first thing to go. AND if I had to sit in a car for a tour of Lake Erie, I'd lose my mind. Thanks for the Dave pics, love them!

stamping bella said...

LOL Paula!
happy birthday to YOU.. happy birthday to you... happy birthday dear LINNNNDAAAAAA... happy birthday to you!!!
mwah mwah mwah. don't ever quit the team..LOL

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful birthday!

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful birthday!

Riet said...

What a gorgeous card.

Hugs Riet.xx

Caz said...

Gorgeous card. Happy Birthday, hope you get your sewing machine!!
Caz x

Bren said...

Happy Birthday Linda, I love the card you made in honor of ... "you" but I will admit that last years birthday card to "self" was and is still tops for me. You Go Girl. Happy sewing.

CraftyViolet said...

Happy Birthday! Lucky you that my voice does not carry thru to the comment page - even my kids don't want to hear me sing Happy Birthday to them. Hope you get your sewing machine for your birthday - either from Hubs - or yourself!!!

Love your card. I'm thinking of buying this stamp for myself. So cute.

dpkennedy said...

Mmmm...me salty too! But I love that sweet image and the great frosting on your perfectly colored cake!

Happy Birthday Linda!

Crafty Cath said...

Happy Birthday Linda! Had to stop by to tell you that sistah, you're coloring just keeps getting bettah and bettah! I can not believe how much definition you've put into coloring this image. The colors and shading just pop off the page. I'm in love!

Linda Carson said...

Happy Birthday to you! Your card looks good enough to eat! Beautifully colored with fabulous details! Love it!

"Luv 2 Glitter" by Brenda M. said...

Happy Birthday Linda....yup I have the same cravings....salty crunchy...my biggest downfall. Love your card as usual.

Olga V. said...

Happy Birthday Linda!!!! Wishing you all the best in the coming year! You're a superhero of cardmaking(why is there no such thing as a super-crafter cape? hm...), and I totally wish you to keep crafting with a sharp eye, artsy mind and stable hands in the next 100 years to continue inspiring us, your followers!!!

Michele Boyer said...

Happy birthday, Linda, just a wee bit late! Looks like you had a good one!!

I LOVE your card. **sigh** Someday...I want to color like you and Paula. So beautiful.

Michele Boyer said...

Happy birthday, Linda, just a wee bit late! Looks like you had a good one!!

I LOVE your card. **sigh** Someday...I want to color like you and Paula. So beautiful.

Sandy said...

A little late happy birthday to you kid!! You have a way to go to catch up with me - LOL!!!!! Love your card and I am particularly fond of cake!!


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