Monday, October 29, 2012

It has been a while

But I AM alive and well and enjoying my free time. I started on the bedroom reno during a week vacation and got some much needed painting of trim done in the hallway. Do you know HOW MUCH I dislike painting trim. I've got the grasscloth all ready to hang on the focal bedroom wall but then I got sick with a HORRIBLE sinus infection, then came down with a wicked cold that progressed into a mild case of bronchitis. I blame this all on the new found germs that I come in contact with since our office relocated to the mall downtown.

Anyhooo....that along with a major patch job under the bedroom window has put my wallpaper hanging on hold for a bit.

In the meantime hubby and I took a trip to California in September, YES, to follow our guy Dave Matthews and his band. We flew into LA, drove to San Diego and spent a couple nights there to take in the sights of Coronado Island and tour an aircraft carrier. That was WAY COOL! I thought ya,'s a military ship...but so not JUST a military ship....more like a floating city....WAY COOL! We saw Dave in San Diego and the next day we drove back to LA for concert #2. Enroute to our hotel we detoured so I could plant my feet on Rodeo Dr. in Beverly Hills and make a pitt stop at Tiffany's. Then we drove through Hollywood, ate a coney at Pink's and drove down the walk of fame. Concert #2 behind us, the next day we flew to San Francisco for #3. With the concerts done we settled down to spend a few days in San Francisco. It was a busy three days taking in a couple wine tours in Napa, a tour to Muir woods, Sausalito, and Alcatraz and a 5 hour bike tour of some of the city sights. Josh, our bike tour guide only had us bike up two hills so it was doable!

The last two days of our trip was spent in a rented convertible Mustang driving the Pacific Coast Hwy 1 back to LA and our flight home. I was a little freaked at first thinking we would be driving south with cliffs out of my passenger window but I survived and the view was spectacular. I think I could definitely be a west coast girl!!!!!!

When we got home, I spent the next 3 weekends SMASH booking some of my fav photo's and spots we visited....I thought I'd share some with you here....

Graffiti in Clarion Alley....I was in awe of the artwork here!

Rutherford Hill and Mondavi wineries...can you see my happy face there!
Just look at all those barrels of wine!

Our 2012 tour calendar and some pics from the summer.
YES, we stood on the grassy knoll and had our pic taken on the field
of the Dallas Cowboys stadium.

Rodeo Drive and Hollywood

Dave has taken us to some pretty amazing places.
Finally I'll leave you with a some of my fav pics of the coast and our trip.

Muir Woods redwood forest


That's me, walking the halls of the prison.
Before I go, you might be wondering if I've been colouring...well, I haven't, until this past week when I decided to get my gears going for Christmas so stay around and I'll have something to show you soon!
'till next time, Linda!


Bren said...

Thanks for the post, that was fun. Glad you are enjoying the summer and look forward to seeing some of that colouring. I have to admit, I miss it. :)

Leslie said...

What a lovely surprise to see you in my google reader! What a fab summer you had!! Look forward to see the cards you've been colouring!

paula tracy williamson said...

LOL, did you color more than the penguin yet???

Stampin' Granny said...

So nice to see a post from you, Linda! Looks like California was fun! Gotta say...I really miss your posts and your coloring. I am just so glad that you haven't taken your blog completely down! I still go back and get ideas from old cards you did. :) Look forward to seeing what else you've been up to! {{hugs}}

K1 said...

This SMASH book is UNREAL! I got to see it Thursday in real life. All the little details did not go unnoticed by this girl! Thanks for sharing Linda!


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