Thursday, May 1, 2008

Stella goes green!

No, not green around the gills...but if she has too many martini's it could happen! And it's not a true green, more of a turquoise, but I thought it was a catchy opening!

This was one where I thought i would try to pick my paper first. It was a lime green paper with a bit of teal in it. But alas, when all was said and done, I decided to flip thru the stash and once again, Basic Gray Romani stood out front and center! That lime green and teal paper went back to the 12x12 pile to hopefully find it's way on a card in the future.

To trim it up I used more of the American Craft ribbon that was a gift from my Mom and I also added a bit of dry embossing on the corners. The stencil is by American Traditional and I've had it for years. I think it was the very first brass stencil I ever bought and it is filled with wonderful borders.

Thinking of the dry embossing I have to tell this story. I was a bit too lazy to drag out the light box for that itty bitty bit of embossing so i used a piece of repositionable tape and stuck the stencil to the garden door in my kitchen so i could easily move my piece of paper around and emboss the corners. Well, I removed the stencil, but forgot the tape was still stuck to the window. The hubby asks me later that afternoon why there is a piece of tape stuck on the window of the I try to explain the process of dry embossing and how you need a light source behind it, bla bla bla...I knew I wasn't explaining it very well because he look puzzled, and I also didn't waste my breath on a good explanation because I knew he wouldn't care. So I said, do you really want me to explain the entire thing to you? Enough said! Topic was over, i removed the tape and he'll never know how to dry emboss!


The Lucky Clucker said...

Fabulous, Fabulous Fabulous!! You are doing such a fabulous job with Stella! (did I mention fabulous!!) Funny story about hubby and ohhhhh so true!

Shannan Teubner said...

Linda, this is just GORGEOUS!!! And what a hilarious story!

emily said...


Sonya R said...

I just found your blog! I love your style and I will be adding you to my favourite bloggers list.

Keep up the beautiful work. :)


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