Wednesday, February 3, 2010

CASE'ing a Sistah

Since Paula tried to draw you over to the pencil side with showing you how you can achieve some copic feathering techniques with pencils, I thought I would show you how to get that pencil look with markers! Fair is fair, right! LOL!

For anyone who may have taken a class with Paula you may recognize this image...YES I took that class too in Livonia. I melted over Lilly Bittybloom and the colors Paula chose and warned her that I was gonna post it one day! Well here it is with a twist....(don't hate me Paula!)...I colored this one in copics! It was a good challenge for me, and a good learning experience too because I had to experiment at layering different colors to get the same soft look and subtle shades as Paula brilliantly does with her pencils.

These might not be all the colors I used because there were so many on the table and some I used, some I didn't, but these are the basics. I started with B0000 with RV0000 on the lower right corner, but YIKES it was too bright so I went over the entire thing with C00 to tone it down. Then I added some B93 to the left side and shaded with C0 and 1. I probably went back with the B93 after adding the grey's. It was still a little too blue for the paper so I went over the blues with some G0000 and 000. Can you see a hint of the green below the bow? I was pretty pleased with how that turned out. Then probably B93 and grey's again to darken it back up where it got too light from the G's. Finally I took a darker grey pencil to just a few spots to add some deeper contrast.

This was a really good exercise for me because it made me think of using different colors together and achieving different looks! I'm pumped now! Paula has such a keen eye for color and I learn so much just by studying her cards. One last thing I should mention is that when I was finished I thought this card was worthy of another one of Meahni's mom's beautiful crocheted flowers!

In other beloved Paper Pickle store is on the selling block! You can read all about it here. For all you ladies out there (or gents), if you have ever dreamed of owning an adorable store with a great customer base (peeps like me!...LOL!), here is your chance!


Cindy H. said...

This is soooo adorable!! Love your COPIC coloring, and yes, I can see just a hint of green below the bow. I hope you won't mind but I have this darling little image and I might just have to CASE you! Never fear, it couldn't possibly look as good as yours as I'm still learning to use COPICs:) Thanks for sharing!

leenda said...

Beautifully colored! I would be afraid to use a C0 over colors! I'll have to give it a try. I study your coloring & shading. Love your style!

sueincanada said...

Adorable card, love the colours.

Paper, Ink, Color! said...

oh she's adorable! I love how you make Copics look so soft!

Krista said...

This is BEAUTIFUL, and hard to beleive its coloured with copics! Amazing!!!! I can't wait to take your coloring class at the Pickle, already have my name down..hehe!

paulatracy said...

how PRETTY!!!! Way better than what I taught in class!


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