Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Three More Sleeps

Yup...that's how many sleeps until my Bella visit...I always get sooooooooooo excited in the days before a bella trip! Now I understand they are calling for snow the next few days, 5-10cm per day, that would be 2-4" for my American friends. But no fear...they are not predicting fast heavy snowfall so that should give the road crews plenty of time to keep things clear and safe on the roads. The hubster is coming along with me on this trip...I think he plans to do a bit of shopping...might even pop in to see his 'personal dresser' at Harry Rosen...LOL!!!!!!!!!! Okay, he does NOT have a personal dresser but on his last trip to TO he bought a pair of pants there and a couple days later got an email from his salesperson wanting to know if he wanted a personal shopper....LOLOLOL!!!! I can't stop teasing him about it. Maybe I can talk him into popping his face in and saying hi....he's a cutie!!!!

Alright...on to's card! I mentioned I'll be needing some baby cards in the next little while so last night I thought why not give it a head start. I pulled out Pookie Lollipop and my copics and got to colorin'. I knew I wanted to add some pencil shading to the petals and pot so I started with those first so they would be good and dry before I went at it with pencils. Quite often if I have time, I will color something in copics and let it sit overnight before I take my pencils to it. I don't know why, but my copic colouring always seems to look better, softer and more blended the next day. Weird! But none the less, it always seems one notch prettier to me if I add just a teeeeeeeny tiny bit of pencil to it.

If you are interested in using copics with pencils and OMS check out these blog posts for some great info and inspiration! (These are from two of my GO-TO copic blogs....LOVE BOTH these sites!)
Copic Creations Challenge 12 - Copics and Pencils
Marianne Walker - using pencils to lighten areas
Marianne Walker - pencils and markers part 2
marianne Walker - pencils and markers part 3

Well folks...I'm off to walk the pooch and then come home to do a bit of laundry and some last minute organizing for Saturday's class.


Kandi said...

This is sooo adorable! That image is so cute and I love all the polka dots too! And I'm envious of your trip to Bellaland. I hope to someday take a trip there, but it's a long ways away from me, I'm in Oregon.

dolcreations said...

Yahooo...can't wait for class!
Drive safely!
This card Linda is so I have to get that stamp..the copic colours...the pencils!

Tori Wild said...

I get inspired every visit here Linda-- Love the ?glass? on the flower petals and have a great time in Bellaland! :)


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