Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Season's Greetings

Hi everyone. I'm sure you think I have dropped off the'm still here, just deep into Christmas. After my 60 Christmas cards I had to take a little break from card making and I spent a couple days crocheting a hat. It's done, but I have to felt it and haven't gotten around to that part of it yet. And I also have to go mooch my friend Kathy's washing machine because she still has an agitating washing machine and you can't use a front loader for felting. I've never done this so we'll see what happens.

Today I needed a gift card holder so I whipped this up. I stamped this Elzie while visiting my friend Mary over in Northville back in the summer and have had her coloured up for a while, just never mounted it, so this card came together pretty quickly. I still managed to make a total mess of the table though! How does that happen?

I thought the inside was pretty cute too. Speaking of card insides, I always put liners in my cards, and when I have time I usually decorate them too. I've been seeing a lot of cards out in blog land lately that have 'beautiful' innards. They are using papers that match their card fronts and maybe a little stamping, maybe none. But they are really nice so you should be seeing me do some of that in the near future.

For those of you in Chatham, I will be working on my next class cards in the upcoming week and I have something really adorable in my head! Then back on track with Birthdays and Anniversaries. I'm so excited that this year we had the addition of a little girl to our family...NO not 'my' immediate family....i'm well past the baby making years. But my cousin and her husband had a little this year and you can't imagine how THRILLED I am to be making cards for another little girl.

However you celebrate the holiday, I hope it's wonderful!

See ya soon, Linda.


Brenda M said...

Great card Linda and Merry Christmas to you and your family.

paula said...

Linda, she is just beautiful!!! As always! But, the inside... you are a crazy woman! Now, i have adapted your liner style, but this is too far for I am not going to be joining you to this dark side of stamping. I have seen the style of innard creations that you are talking about, and it' like two cards in one. Ok, maybe I could do that for only the very specialist of felize navidad!

Betty M. said...

Merry Christmas Linda - to you and your family.
Great card - the inside is beautiful too - lucky person to get your card.


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