Sunday, December 14, 2008

This is IT!

The LAST Christmas card for 2008!

You've probably all wondered where I've been...well, in a nutshell, I had a miserable cold, visited Paula, had two Christmas dinners, one surprise b'day party, went to my Creative Memories Consultant's open house (YES, I scrapbook too when time permits), put up the tree, AND had my two front teeth drilled down to pegs for a new set of crowns.

I broke one of the teeth like 40 years ago (yes...i am THAT old) and had it veneered before I got married. The other tooth started chipping so we decided that I should have both teeth replaced with crowns. Well, while I was there for the big drilling ordeal I decided on a whim to get my teeth whitened! Why? Because when they shade the crowns, that shade is there for life and it seemed a pity to shade it to match my old yellowed teeth. So yesterday I had my teeth ZOOMED!....It took a couple hours and it wasn't pleasant. They put this contraption in your mouth to 'spread' your cheeks to expose the teeth....then add a whole whack of padding to protect your gums and face from the HIGH POWER UV light they put to it. Paint some bleach stuff on your teeth, then ZOOM the light on for 15 minutes. You can't talk, can't cough, can't MOVE...and they repeat this 4 times. Fortunately I had my iPod touch with me and plugged myself in to listen to a little Dave to calm my anxiety. I tell ya...if i ever broke my jaw and had to get it wired shut, they would have to put me into an induced coma!!!

So between all this, I have been up to my ears making Christmas cards....20 for the hubs to give to his staff and 40 for us to send to friends and family. I made several tangeled Stella's that I posted a while back, 30 of these Sunshine Design trees and with what I have in my stash I should JUST meet my quota.

I'll be really happy to make something other than Christmas cards!!!


Bonnie (eggette) said...

WOW! You have been a busy, busy girl.These are beautiful Linda! I can't even begin to imagine what you went through at the dentist.........yuck......I detest everything about the dentist except getting out of there!

Brenda M said...

Your cards are fabulous. I wondered where you have been because I really miss you when you don't post. I absolutely love looking at all your creations.

Terri said...

Wow, it sounds like you had an "interesting" week, to say the least...we definitely missed you but this card is well worth waiting for. Love the image and as always the coloring is gorgeous! Who wouldn't love finding one of these in their mail box.

BTW, it doesn't sound like I will be getting my teeth "whitened" anytime soon...I have an instant gag reflex with all that garb in my mouth...I'll wait for the "new and improved" version, because we all know it's coming!

Cindy H. said...

The Christmas cards are absolutely gorgeous, as is your coloring!!

I don't think whitening will ever be in my future, especially after hearing what you went through-yikes! Will you have to do this again to keep them the same color as your caps, or do you have to give up everything you love that stains your teeth, like tea, etc. to keep them white?

Marcie S. said...

Your dentist story literally leaves me sweaty and faint...I fear the dentist more than anything!!! :) Gorgeous cards though- I wonder where you find time?!

Tammi said...

You've been way busier than me! And the dentist...Eek! I hear you on moving on to something else, I'd do knitting too, but I've been working on my "first" scarf since last winter, lol!! Your cards are gorgeous, as always pick the perfect colors! Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Karen said...

wow! I love this card! The colour scheme is really wonderful (but I like the one with pink too). You're right - that stamp just begs to be embellished. Fabulous cards!


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