Friday, July 31, 2009

Imagine This!

Your guy says to you "hey honey, let's go shopping, I'll buy you whatever you want, and I'll even carry the parcels for ya"! What would you do? Pull out Retailfellabella and give him a nice little thank you card like this with a sentiment that says oh happy day! Or, if you were me, you'd have to call 911 because I'd be going into cardiac arrest...LOL!!!! Okay, I'm just kidding, my guy is pretty darn good to me, NOW, he won't buy me anything I want, but he will carry parcels for me, and he doesn't even mind shopping.

I also think this card is VERY appropriate for today because have you seen the ***new releases*** over at Stamping Bella. OMG....that ketto clothesline is in my future, not to mention the new Lulu collection , Studio Petite AND some new Krista christmas images. Head on over to this post on emily's blog for a direct link to all the new images. AND to make it even easier on ya, there is free shipping on orders over $50 with this code...julyfs.

I'm gonna digress here for a bit, so skip on over this if you don't want to hear about it. But, one day a couple years ago we decided to go shopping at Great Lakes Crossing in Auburn Hills Michigan. It is shaped like a racetrack with stores in the center and stores around the perimeter. We parked at a center entrance. Just as you walk in there is an entertainment store, FYE which is in the center and two entrances, one on either side of the 'track'. We sync our watches, I go off and and he heads into FYE. Mark doesn't realize that the store has two entrances and enters one side, but exits the other, he leaves the store and gets his bearings as to where we are gonna meet. So now it is time to meet up. Usually when I get to the designated spot he is waiting for me, but not this time. No biggie, I just wait a bit longer. Twenty minutes later I'm thinking...hmmm...this ain't good! So i do a wander around the 'track' but cut thru a walkway just before I hit the entrance to FYE on the other side. I'm now getting a bit worried so I go outside to see if the car is still there. I'm thinking, I ran into him at Eddie Bauer and he told me that he just bought me Neil Diamond's new CD so why would he do that and then decide to dump me at a mall! So I go back to our designated spot. Suddenly all the security guys riding around on scooters seem more apparent and I think...OMG...he has been abducted! Someone snatched him, took him to the men's washroom and performed surgery on him to harvest his organs! I PANIC....just as I'm about to go to the security office to have him paged he shows up! He had been waiting on the 'other' side of FYE! I was never so happy to see him and after beating on his chest like a wild orangutan monkey we head on over to Carraba's for dinner where THREE, yes THREE glasses of wine were needed to calm me down! BWAAAAHAHAHAH! We have been back to that mall since, but he now uses the Liz Claiborne store as his landmark!

Bella and her fella were colored in copic markers and I also did some shading with the copics, but it wasn't doin' it for me so I took out the pencils to add some more!

For those who gotta know, here are the copics used in this image.
E50, 51, 53, 000, 00, 11, 13, 15
E41, 42, 43, 44
YR12, 14, 09, R0000, 00, 02, 05
BG0000, 000, 11, 02, 72, 75, 78
YG03, 25, 67
W00, 01, C1, 3, 5, 9

Now while you head on over to Stamping Bella to do some shopping, I'm gonna go wash those windows that didn't get done the other day!


Beth Norman said...

Lovely card, and as always it is coloured beautifully. Funny story. I agree--that mall has an aweful design. Way too confusing for sure.

Shannan Teubner said...

Love this, Linda!!!

Carla Murphy said...

OMG. Salvating. THUD!...Holy...
Geez Linda do you ever make a bad card?!! Ever? This is some incredible card-eye-candy.

Based on your description I would never have any use for this image, but would sure love the reason to use it as a thank you card... just once... before I'm 95.

Meahni said...

Beautiful, stunning, gorgeous!!! I told Paula you are going to wonder where my dogs are, LOL!
I take it you don't go shopping with your cellphones then??

Christy said...

I love this! SO cute! And I love the shading work that you added to it. I'd love to try that. What color copics do you tend to use for shading?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful card Linda! the coloring is stunning.



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