Thursday, December 3, 2009

Mom's Cards...finally DONE!

As you may know, I took this past Monday off and busted my butt on Christmas cards! This is the card that I made for my Mom to send out this year...I should say cards...cause I made 25 of them. I thought I needed 30 but she gave me a break!

It is very classy and regal, just like my mom, all done up in taupe, gold and black. The Penny Black wreath was embossed in glittery black on the subtle patterned crate paper and the 'ornaments' were created with gold liquid pearls. Bow easy came to the rescue again to make the pretty uniform bows and a cuttlebug folder on gold glimmer paper contributed to the elegance. It was an easy card to mass produce and I hope all her recipients like it.

Sorry, no card is our glitzy glam company xmas party and as Mark has said in the past...cinderella is going to the ball! Isn't he a gem! NOT...he says it with a VERY sarcastic tone! LOL! That's okay...I can dish it...and I can take it! LOL! Maybe I'll get a picture and let you judge for yourself!

BUT, just cause I won't be here NOT forget to come back Saturday for the Bella b'day bash hop and BE SURE TO LEAVE A COMMENT CAUSE THERE IS LOTS OF MOOLA TO BE WON! GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE!

Oh....a Bessie update for those who were in my class last week...the girl will survive! Her cough worsened over the weekend so I took her to the Vet on Monday and as I suspected she has Kennel cough (Debbie B ...yes, it was a canine self diagnosis! LOLLOLLOL!...but I didn't DARE tell the vet that! LOL!) She likely picked it up at the groomer or the dog park which she visited the week before. So a course of antibiotics and predisone (yuk) and she'll be better in no time!


Linda Carson said...

WOW! Your Mom will be stunned! Quite elegant! Congrats on getting them done early!

Terri said...

These cards are beautiful, but I am sure your mom is used to your amazing creativity and won't be the least surprised. I wish I had my cards done!

Glad to hear your little dog is on the Maxie had this once, I am sure it was worse on me than her, lol!

sueincanada said...

That is a beautiful classy card. Your work is fantastic, as always.

Cindy H. said...

OMWord, this is soooo elegant!!! Love it! I'm still working on my Christmas cards. Thanks for the inspiration and for sharing.

Ida said...

This is just gorgeous and very elegant.

Gena Porter - aka GDP2001 said...


Lona said...

Isn`t it amazing that we have almost a thousand colours to chose from in our arsenal, and neutral is one of the most effective !! Very , very stunning. I`m sure your mom will really approve of this year`s card and her friends will all save it. If I don`t meet you at the Pickle between now and Christmas, have a wonderful holiday season.

Jennifer said...

What a lucky mother you have!!! The card is so beautiful & as you said, it really is elegant! ;)

Which Cuttlebug folder did you use (I don't recognize it)?

Thanks so much,


paula said...

now this is stunning coloring!!


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