Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I have another Christmas card....okay, maybe that isn't so shocking! But I have NOTHING to say...THAT is a little shocking. My life isn't all that interesting so if I post every day I don't really have anything interesting to share!

I did take yesterday off work, THAT WAS EXCITING...and a very productive day for me. I got ALLLLLL my mother's xmas cards made and am just finishing up with the bling. Hubby was surprised that I was up and about by 6am and he said...don't you have the day off?....i said yes, that is why I'm not wasting it in bed! HAHAHA! Why is it that it is soooo much easier to get out of bed when I don't have to go to the day job? It has got to be a mental thing.

Anyhoooooo....this is something that I coloured LAST year but never made it onto a card. Since I am realllly pressed for time I figured I'd mount it all up. I coloured it with Lyra pencils and gamsol and I KNOW you won't notice, but I do see vast improvement in my pencil colouring over the past year....so for all you pencil addicts out there who want to improve....just keep at it, practice means everything!

Well, that's it for today....I'll be back tomorrow evening with another Stamping Bella card....YES...it will be a Christmas card! But if you are sick of Chrismas, I will have something different for Saturday's hop! If you haven't signed up yet....you shoud....there are LOTS of great prizes....did you know there is even a chance at being a guest babe for a month!. Click on the bella b'day bash badge on my sidebar for all the details!



mycardz said...

Ya know, it's really not fair that both you and Paula are such phenominal artists, and everything you do is amazing ... BUT, you even do awesome House Mouse images!! (shaking my head) just not fair! :D

leenda said...

This is adorable!

Bammin' Designs said...

I'm not tired of your Christmas cards - just love to see 'em. I love the House Mouse images - they are so cute. Your card is adorable. Can't wait to see what you create next.

paula said...

hmmmmm...lookie that perfect coloring! My should I pull my pins out again?


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