Wednesday, December 23, 2009

To Grandma's house we go!

Well, not exactly...but I'm sure many of you, like myself will be spending time on the road the next three days. For all who are travelling, I wish you safe and happy journeys.

This is another last minute card I made up yesterday for that 'whoops-i-need-another-card' moment. Plus, I had to use my new martha punch that I picked up at Michaels on monday. I went with a 50% off coupon in hand only to find everything I wanted was already on sale. For the Toronto class gals, I'll now be travelling in style with my new craft tote! ....I already gave Paula the colors so she can make me a tag! LOL! So with that 50% off coupon burning a hole into my hand I had to buy something that wasn't on sale. It's a catch, isn't it!

The inspiration for this card came from a scrap piece of paper that was sitting in front of me, and I really wanted to to use the car with a tree on top cause that tree is so grinchy and I love everything grinch-like! How the Grinch stole christmas is my fav Christmas movie of all time. That once a year event that you'd have to wait a WHOLE ENTIRE YEAR to see again because recording devices weren't invented yet! LOL! Did ya notice that I also used Paula's snow globe glitter effect here! I just love it.

While I was on a roll, after I finished up the card I put together this little framed piece of art for our son Alex. He is a batman FREAKAZIOD! I think I have said before that he even has batman sheets on his bed in the dorm, and posters all over the wall, and a lego batmobile..and, and, and...

When Emily introduced us to Ellia, the green bean baby, I headed over to her Etsy shop and came across this little batman that I couldn't resist. I got myself a 4x6 frame and went to work cutting out the trees and grass with quickutz dies and cutting the rolling hills free hand. It turned out sooooo cute! If you ever decide to order anything from Ellia you will be most pleasantly surprised when you get the package. She adds all kinds of little details. This guy came with a little joker face and a bitty batman magnet She arranges it on a piece of paper placed in a cello envelope inside another envelope. That envelope is wrapped in tissue sealed with another green baby surprise and a personal note! THEN...she draws a little pic on the mailing envelope. Let me tell ya, that was a fun package to get in the mail!

Now...I'm heading off to do some last minute shopping and finish wrapping, then settle in for the evening possibly with a giant chai tea latte!

Happy Holidays!


Deanna said...

U never cease to amaze me, just when i thought i have seen your most gorgeous card... boom... you go an out glitter snow falling from the sky~ wow~

leenda said...

Your card is adorable! Wish I could take a class w/you & Paula! The framed Batman is a hoot!

Pinky said...

Hi Linda
Just wanted to pop in and say Merry Christmas! I hope that you have a lovely time with your family and I look forward to seeing you again perhaps in 2010!
You are always such an inspiration. Thanks for all your hard work.
Cheers, Pinky

Kate's Life said...

What a sweet card!! I love the batman- my son would love it!!!
Have a wonderful Christmas and be safe on the road!!!

dpkennedy said...

I LOVE how you used the punch! I never even used mine once! Lovely card!

paulatracy said...

man...I am sooo sad, I ordered this punch way long ago and the orders never got filled. Then I see it in a small store and won't pay the price...NOW I am trying to kick myself, but that is hard to do. UGGG, I love the way it looks and now I also need that stamp!! Thanks sistah and the snowglobe effect is perfect!!


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