Monday, December 13, 2010

5 for 5 continues!

Yup, over the next 5 days I have 5 more cards to display on the ole' bloggypoo. I'm gonna start slow though, cause I'm tired tonight! I had the day off, but spent over an hour of it on the road in nasty weather! It sounds pretty lame especially for those who might live in the midwest, calgary, or london area, but you see, Chatham is a very small community and ALL I DID was drive hubs to work, pick him at lunch and drop off and pick up the dog at her little spa. That is NOT worthy of spending 90 minutes on the road in a city of just over 40,000! And I think the city is trying to save money on salt or something beause it truely seemed that not a single road was salted, or even plowed for that matter! Maybe they are gonna wait till spring, I don't know but I was not a happy driver today!

Ya, I'm kinda bitter. But on a good note, hubby was supposed to head back to Huston today but that got cancelled because the highway between here and Windsor was closed due to nill visability! So I'm kinda happy about that...someone to protect me against another pede attack! And Alex was home for a few days to study before exams and was gonna drive one of the vehicles back to London, but because of road conditions I nixed that and put him on the train. But I did give him money to take a cab back to his house so he wounldn't have to brave the cold and snow on the bus...WITH all the leftovers I sent back with him...SUCKER is written all over my head, I know!...but what can I say, he's my boy!

Now that I'm done complaining about the weather I'll get on to my card! I made this one a couple weeks ago with a Sizzix die that I bought at Archivers during my weekend in Wixom with Paula and Emily. I thought it would make some quick and easy cards, but honestly I spent more time fussing with this that I do with my other cards.

I think it was the paper I chose. It was a Kaisercraft 6x6 pad which I loved when I bought it, but every time I tried to use it I struggled. So after I finished this card I tossed what was left of it! No point in keeping anything that frustrates me every time I use it! This paper on the ornament is textured, all the gold part is glittery and embossed. I think if I tried this again, I would use a smoother paper that I could sponge around the edges to give some dimension. I think the lack of shading is what is really eating at me! You KNOW how I love to shade things! My fav part of the ornament though, is the little 'pearls' I added with my Viva Decor Pearl Pen! Now just imaging shading around the edges of this ornament AND pearls! Wouldn't that be better!

Well, that's it for today...I'm tired and gonna re-watch the season finale of Dexter tonight. I did watch it last night but fell asleep before the 10pm show started then woke up and caught it at midnight! WAY to late for this sistah to be watching TV. So I'm sure I missed something that I hope to see tonight.

Tomorrow, a bella...a MO-bella! Later, Linda.


"Luv 2 Glitter" by Brenda M. said...

Great card Linda... and yes the pearls are the perfect addition to give that elegant look! Driving on bad roads is never fun but I really don't think the salt would have stayed on the road with the blowing wind and once the temperature gets below a certain degree salt will not work. Just sayin.........

Cindy H. said...

Very pretty!! I'm admiring your perfect pearls. I wish I were able to get the same results. Every one of your pearls are the same size and perfectly round. Great job!

Riet said...

What a wonderful card Linda.

Hugs Riet.x


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