Monday, January 12, 2009

Felted Hats

I know, I KNOW this is not a card, but don't we card makers like to do ALL kinds of crafty and creative stuff! I know I do. I just can't sit still and always have to be doing something and have to keep a mix in there so I don't get bored (I think that is a Gemini thing! LOL!). So when I haven't been stamping I have been making felted hats.

For those who have never done this, you can equate it to shrink plastic. You knit or crochet your project...and don't be scared, it will be VERY LARGE...then you put it in a zippered pillow protector and put it in an agitating washer with warm to hot water. Now, recently my washer died and I replaced it with a front loader and you do need agitation so I took my hats over to my BFF's Kathy's house to shrink them up. It is like FREAKING MAGIC I TELL YA! You take that hat out after 10 minutes and you will be simply amazed at what happens to it....way toooooo cool!

So to get an idea of what happens, here is what the hat looks like before felting

And here is what it looks like after!

Are you shocked! I was! Both of these pics were taken with the hat on the same paper towel holder.

The first one I made I over felted it so ended up giving it to a friend (who has a smaller head). The second one I did I was a bit more careful with the felting (used warm water instead of hot, and checked the progress more frequently). These pics are my second attempt. They crochet up REALLY fast and would make great gifts. The pattern I used is Fiber Trends, AC-11, Crocheted Felt Hats and there are three versions. This is the medium brim version. For knitters out there, I think there is also a knitted version.

Here is to keeping my ears warm on my daily walk to Tim Horton's!


Pauline said...

OMG Linda this is amazing - the before and after picture, who would of thought! Jut might have to make myself one of these. TFS.

Anonymous said...

Love it Linda. Where did you get the pattern? Would like to try one myself...I knit more than I crochet.
Karen L
See you at your next class

Terri said...

OMG, that IS amazing! I gotta say, when I looked at the first picture, I was like, "hmmmmmmm, really?" but then when I scrolled down, I could not believe it was the same hat. How cool is that! Makes me want to make a hat and wear it...and it was about 72 degrees here yesterday! Do your talents have no end, girl?

Cindy H. said...

Yes, I am impressed!!! I do knit but have been afraid to tackle one of these projects because I thought -how would I get it to fit?? But, after reading your description, I may try. I know I certainly love *your* new hat!

Karen said...

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I am speechless! Love, love , love the hat. I also like to crochet. Thanks for letting us see the magic.

Anonymous said...

Linda, wow! I have never tried this and I love to crochet. We will have to discuss further on the 31st when I come over! Maybe you can demonstrate in person?? Hugs from Northville, Mary.

Debbie said...

Love your hat Linda, looks nice and warm. Did you buy the pattern around here?

paula said...

Wow, I kinda wish I did this hobby, but I think I better leave it to you and Mary! This is such a cute got Mary working on one right now. hehe You are so freaking multi talented!!


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