Tuesday, September 8, 2009

And there off!

As of this moment, and for the next 8 months we are empty nesters. There were no tears shed, no agonizing goodbye's, no depression....just excitement as they embark on a whole new life! I remember taking them to kindergarten that first day. Poor Derek had a look on his face as if I were walking him into a death camp and it broke my heart but I knew he had to go! Not today though...no fear...no anxiety...no hanging on to my coat tails....oh how they've grown!

I couldn't have let them go without farwell cards so I paired up some Whipper Snapper images with a couple new Buggawumps sentiments that I picked up in Novi.

For Alex, who bought himself Batman sheets for his dorm room I colored up Batman chicken paired with this sentiment...Life is just a leap of faith so believe in yourself, trust your heart and hang onto your cape!

And for Derek, our budding engineer who is a TOTAL car freak!....if it ain't barkin', don't fix it

And for Brenda, who thinks I'll have time for more posts! Not likely, I just may get more sleep now! LOL!

For those who are wondering, Batman chicken was done with copics and before you ask, I did not take the to time to record the colors, and Ford chicken was done with prisma pencils and Gamsol.


Dawn B. said...

These are adorable. I have 3 kids in college right now and the empty nest is great for awhile. Then you miss those late nights and endless worry. But you love the "new" you that emerges. Super job on these cards. The images are colored superbly..

"Luv 2 Glitter" by Brenda M. said...

Your too funny.........enjoy your empty nest and have fun.... Just the first of many firsts ..... I will have a glass of Merlot just for you...


BTW your cards are fabulous as usual.... love the Ford car stamp.

Carla Murphy said...

Linda - these are really fabulous!!


Rebecca said...

Fabulous !! I love both of the cards you have made. I'm on masculine card mission at the moment so I found them very inspiring. I love the fact they are humorous too !! xx

dpkennedy said...

You know..I didn't really need these two images until you made them all awesome and stuff! Batman sheets?! Glad he's so secure! LOL! If they made queen size, they would so be on my bed too! Amazing coloring and your sentiments are fantastic! I don't always take the time to say...but you're one very talented lady!

Cindy H. said...

Wow, love these cards. Your coloring is, as always, awesome. I don't have any college bound children but from what I've observed, it's just a mini-vacation because...they'll be
ba-a-a-ack! They're back for holidays, vacations, and if they live close enough back every weekend to get their laudry done!

Meahni Pieterse said...

Now how can anyone eat a chicken! I LOVE that ford stamp!! You made it even cuter.

paula said...

These are just the coolest, you are the coolest boys mom evah!!! OMG, really what made you decide what was colored in pencil and what was colored in copic? isit beause the care image is so big??? I know with my virgin copic skill behind me, that looks scarrrrry big!


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