Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I love Monday Holidays

It seems that whever the holiday lands on a Monday the week just seems to fly by, can you believe it's Wednesday already! If the day ever arrives that I can work a 4 day week I will most definitely seek out Monday as my day off.

ETA: sorry everyone, I guess I omitted some important details! the balls at the top of the posts have a nice thick coat of ranger glossy accents which is creating the shine. I also used black glaze pen on the flower dots below. The sky and grass were done with prisma pencils and gamsol. And finally, that beautiful white border (yes I LOVE IT!) was done with a Spellbinders Pinking Pierceability that I picked up in Novi.

The ketto clothesline has been calling my name ever since I picked it up on my last trip to Toronto. I bought all the accessories for it except for maybe one, which I will be adding to the collection VERY SOON. I will admit that my fav of the bunch is the ketto fancy dresses.

If there was ever a reason that I would have loved to be born very tall and very slim it would be so I could wear a dress like this. Flowing organza studded with beads and sequins....can you say Great Gatsby! It was one of my fav movies of its time and not just for Robert Redford, but for the wardrobe. My next fav movie for costume design would be Out of Africa...can you see a Redford trend here gals! Actually dressing up in a very tailored Khaki wardrobe is much more my style and I remember owning many an "out of africa look" outfit when I started working 25 years ago. I'd still be wearing many of them today if I could fit in them! LOL! Oh the woes of aging!

Enough reminiscing about Robert Redford and my desire to dress like Meryl Streep and on to the card. I was only able to fit two dresses onto the clothesline, but I'm thinking....if I selectively ink the image and only stamp the 'poles' at either end I could hand draw the clothesline and add as many images as I want! CHA-CHING! I just may have to do that in the near future. I tell ya, I could create a month of posts just with this set and it's accessories! Can you feel the love here!

Long list of copics used here gals so get out your pens, bookmark it, or whatever!
Y0000, 11 ,15, YG25
YR0000,000, 01, 02
R22, 24, 85, 89
RV0000, 000, 00, 10, 11, 32, 34
V0000, 000, 01, 12, 15, 95
C1, 2, 3
E41, 42, 43, 44

If you haven't played along in the Friday challenges, there was no excuse this week since you had a HUGE heads up on the sketch so I'm expecting to see a whack of entries ...and the sketch was a GOOD ONE so there are no excuses!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful card! Love your coloring!!

Anonymous said...

Stunning card Linda...could be my favourite of yours!

Janet said...

Very cute! This reminded me, I have some dress stamps I've never played with - maybe I'll get those out this week.

dolcreations said...

This is just stunning Linda! I also love the two cards you made for your boys! Wow!

Carla Murphy said...

What a stunner! Forget Meryl... you'd get the Oscar for this one!! 8)

Regan said...

holy heck...I love this, wish i picked up that stamp now...grrrr

Anonymous said...

Once again you've made a beautiful card. I love it. Thanks for sharing your love of those movies. Funny how we often enjoy movies for more than just the story lines - fashion, emotions, nostalgia and more all play a part.
Have a great Wednesday!
Donna M.
PS - I bought the Francine Flapper stamp because of your card... It should be arriving soon! Now I just have to recreate your masterpiece (LOL) No pressure!

Shannan Teubner said...

LOVE this, Linda!! I need this set...don't have it yet! ACK!!!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful card! You rocked the coloring job as usual.

dpkennedy said...

This is so pretty!

april said...

That is a super cute card!!! Love those dresses.... The sparkle is my favorite..

Cindy H. said...

This is such a sweet and lovely card!

Silvia said...

OMG Linda! this card is gorgeous and the coloring is so perfect. I love the punch that you used. You rocked this card!

Meahni said...

I hear George is taken again, and I believe it is OLD news, lol!
Stunning card, and the clothes don't need any ironing, perfect!!

paula said...

Man, we are less then 10 years apart, but that whole dressing like you were in a safari is FUNNY!!! I know, we had this conversation last I am going home to check out my piercabilitie thing and see if I can make it work. Of course I don't have this one and this one you have is gorjusss! The dresses are just beautiful, already told you that too and THANKS for the idea on the extended clothesline!!! You are the BEST!!!


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