Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Happy 50th Max!

Max, if you are reading, you are a day early! I know it's not till tomorrow, so if you haven't got your card yet....stop reading NOW! That's Maxine, on the left celebrating my big birthday and to the right is Cathy. These girls are the best friends anyone could ever have and after life changes over the years kept us apart I'm so grateful to have them back in my life again.

Enough weepiness...but I seriously do love both these girls!...I agonized over what card to send Maxine. You'd think having hundreds of stamps (maybe even over a thousand!) I'd be able to pick something no problem. But I really wanted something pretty and pink because that is how I think of her, but it also had to have an element of fun and something that represented our life growing up! Since most of those years were spent at the Riveria Hotel on Dougall Ave (aka, the 'Riv') I decided Springtini would be most appropriate.

Usually after a night at the Riv I would head home, grab some clothes and tell my folks I was spending the night at Maxine's. Once there we were either greeted by her mom who would make us grilled cheese sandwiches (like it was 1am!...was she a saint or what?), or her sister Linda who would insist we ate burnt weinie sundaes! Those were the days! And if I was lucky, it would be a Saturday night and I would hang out all day Sunday so I could stick around for the Prime Rib and yorkshire pudding dinner!

Happy Birthday Max! Have a 'tini for me....I'll be having one for you!

ETA: Copic colors:
RV0000, 000, 00, 10, 11
RV21, 23, 25, R32, 37
Y11, 15, 26
YG0000, G20, 40, 82, 94
B60, 63, N0, W3, 7

Shading and grass was done with prismacolor pencils and gamsol. Edges were sponged with chalk ink.


Jane Wetzel said...

OMG! that cake is AMAZING! Your card is a stunner as always! Friends are such a blessing!

Terri said...

Beautiful card for what seems to be a very special that cake too! Happy Birthday Max!

Shawn said...

This card is STUNNING! Your coloring is completely amazing!! What did you use?...copics?...watercolor? I LOVE IT!!!

Shannan Teubner said...

OOOHHH This is just GORJUSSSS, sistah!! Love it!

Tanya said...

WOW! What an absolutely beautiful card.

Carla Murphy said...

O.....M......G........ I need to come back to Thornhill.....


Cheryl said...

Linda, I love this as I do all your cards! The 'glow' around the springtini really sets off your beautiful coloring! You never fail to amaze me and I Cannot believe you came to my blog and commented on one of my cards! Thank you sincerely!

Silvia said...

Oh! this card is gorgeous Linda. I love the color you used for this one.

paula said...

I am so glad my wiser, likes to do these glasses and things like that, because the hack that I am, ahhh gets to use your ideas and calll them my own...hehe just kidding. I give you all the credit, when I remember. This is so pretty, it scares me to color it up though!


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