Friday, March 12, 2010

Stamping Bella March Release Day is here!!

AND so is Bellarific Friday. Did you all submit your bestest work to Emily?????? Did you all enjoy the sneak peeks this week? Are you just waiting to fill your carts with Stamping Bella goodness? I can most definitely answer YES to all these questions.

Today I think I saved my best till last and I bring you orchids, not just ANY orchids but Lulu Orchids! can you hear me squealing? I think the best part is that my mom also loves orchids and with her b'day coming up shortly this card will be going straight to her!

Unlike our dearest Chicken (aka, spotted chick, aka, Jeanie) I LOVE LOVE LOVE flowers! If there is a stamp of a flower, yours truely WANTS IT! I would love to have my backyard deck full of pots OVERFLOWING with them, but I don't go overboard because with the heat here in Southern Ontario in the summer and me working all day, I just don't have time to devote to keeping them hydrated. I try though...I REALLY TRY. Every spring, right around memorial day I spend WAY too much money overflowing my pots with flowers with the promise I will water them three times daily, but it never August those pots are dry as the Sahara and the plants are withered to straw. It don't matter...I will try again this year and make that same promise once again!

I must apologize to my copic friends, because I'm not lising colors! NOT because I want to keep it a secret, but because I used very little copic markers and did most of the colouring with a multitude of pencils!

Now the ABSOLUTE best part of today is that it's FRIDAY!!!!! YAY! Nobody can be happier about this than me! Wishing you an entire weekend of joy doing whatever makes you happy!

Our challenge next week will be 'boring' {wink} compared to the excitement of this week! Well, NOT really BORING...the challenge is MONOCHROMATIC! Use a color of your choice, but stick to shades of that one color...obviously flesh tones are exempt! So pick your fav color and get inky for next week!


Guylaine Seyer said...

this is a lovely card, I like this image

Janette said...

Beautiful card and stunning image.x

Cindy H. said...

OMGosh, just simply gorgeous!! It doesn't matter what medium you use, your coloring is always so perfect!! tfs

Dana White said...

Linda this is stunning!!!

Karen Motz said...

Shut UP!!!!!! This is drop dead gorgeous!!!!!!

Heidi said...

this is beautiful, I love it.


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