Monday, March 22, 2010

Another Manly Card

Hello everyone! Happy Monday...okay...NOT! I do NOT like Mondays AT ALL and if my dream could come to reality and I could work a 4 day week I would NOT work Mondays. I just dread them. But I do have a Monday treat for ya today....a masculine card!

I've said it KNOW you gotta make them...and as much as us girly girls would rather wallow in pink and yellow sometimes we gotta force ourselves to branch out. This card is going into my Mom's stash (she needs A LOT of cards for upcoming May b'days) and will eventually find a home with one of my uncles. He is a total sweetie and loves getting my cards as much any girly girl I know. Because of that, I always want to throw in just an extra bit of love when I make one that I know is going to him.

For this card I started with a Magenta Peel Off that I likely bought at Pickle. I say 'likely' because I have a LOT of them purchased at various places but I also know that many I have bought were from Pickle so I'm hoping that is where this one came from. These were three separate trees which I laid out on some smooth watercolor paper overlapping them. Then I carefully cut away the portions of trees that were 'underneath' another tree so they looked like one image. Then I roughly coloured on some Tombow markers (any watercolor based marker will do) and with a slightly wet paintbrush I blended the colors together. Once dry, I added just a bit of Sakura Gelly Roll pen in Forest Green Sparkle close to the branches and blended that out again with a wet brush. Careful with that Forest Green...a little goes a LONG way. This gave the trees some extra depth near the branches and an overall sparkle.

I did add some shading with marker around the trees but wasn't overly happy with the way it looked so went at the background with a sponge and a variety of pigment and/or chalk inks. Finally I got to the rustic manly look I was after. To finish it off I added a bit of pencil for grass. The paper is one that I have had FOREVER and I have another card to post later this week where I'll fess up a bit more on my past (and current) paper obsession.

That's it! Happy Monday to you all!


Jeanie said...

Ya know, I'm certain it looks more like a Jeanie card to me. Don't ya think? WOWZER Linda!! Wouldn't I LOVE to get this in the mail!! This is AWESOME! Your uncle is one lucky man! LOVE it!

kksb said...

This card is Magnificent!
I agree with Jeanie. I would be delighted to give you my address so it become a Kendall card. Lucky uncle. I can't imagine anyone not being delighted to receive one of your cards. This one gets filed right up there with "Kitty in the Red Chair" and "Baby Polar Bear". Primo!!

PS-May I suggest you change the named to Stained Glass Trees;)?♥

Becky said...

This is gorgeous. I just love this.

Liz in MO said...

Oh my goodness this is absolutely beautiful!!!!!

Cheryl said...

Gorgeous! I love how you spruce up the stickers!

leenda said...

Cool beans!

Catherine said...

Oh my... that is absolutely gorgeous. And to think that I just gave away all of my Peel Off's because I hadn't used them in 3 years.
Hmmm. you are definitely the queen of coloring. I'm just in awe with your work (and try to replicate it, hehehe).

paulatracy said...

Hey! i just pulled one of these peel-offs out and colored, using was a flower, nothing fancy like this. Do you ever use copics or do you just use Tombows for coloring these...or the gel pens?? I LOVE this manly card, even if I am a hater of them. {cards, not really men} It is just a wonder what you won't come up with...putting those trees together..creative genius!!

Cindy H. said...

I absolutely love this handsome card!! I have Peel Off Stickers (not these images) and they have been sitting in a drawer for eons. I might just have to get them out and try a card :) This card is inspirational!! tfs

KAT said...

Love the magenta sticker - what a fabulous manly card - they are sooooo hard to make... I think I have some of those stickers somewhere - I should get then out and play with them!!!


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