Tuesday, June 15, 2010

1001+1 uses for happy tape!

Like I said, Friday we took a jaunt over to the Novi area and met Paula and Mary with their DH's for dinner. We had a wonderful time and sat in that restaurant and chatted about movies and sports (okay..ONLY the guys chatted sports) for what seemed like forever! Sports talk aside, we had a wonderful visit for three gals who are already chummy and three DH's who have only known each other by name! Seriously, give a guy a sports topic and let them talk amongst themselves and that will melt any ice-breaker! Who would've thought that sports stats had ANY value what so ever!

Since I strategically located our hotel a short 5mins from Paula's house we left Mark at the hotel (to get his beauty sleep before the trail run) and i jumped into Jim's car and headed to Paula's! NO colourin'....SAD I know! I checked out her room with all her freshly coloured cards and got a peek at the newly organized ribbon drawer. GOSH....I LOVE her room! While sitting in her creative space I presented my freshly pink cast and said EMBELLISH IT! I WANT FLOWERS! something 70's...like funky flowers around the edge...and you know what...SHE FROZE!!!!!!! OUR BELOVED PAULABELLA SAID DID NOT WANT TO RUIN MY CAST!!!!!! LIKE WHAT'S WITH THAT??? as if she could ever ruin it! the best I could get her to do is run a strip of happy tape on it!

Hence...1001 PLUS ONE uses for happy tape!

For a wrist update, the swelling has gone down a LOT in the past couple days which makes me happy! but the thumb is still an issue! still a bit numb and tingly but seems a bit better than it was. My biggest problem now is trying to move my arm and the cast pressing on bones that weren't even damaged and making them uncomfortable...even painful at times. Yes, another reason to do nothing but watch HGTV!

All in all, life is good as long as cable is not interrupted!


Betty said...

But doesn't daytime TV SUCK?
I'm finally off crutches and my wrist brace is off too. Still in my big boot but can take a few steps with it off too so after 7 weeks I'm on the mend!

Cindy H. said...

I think Paula should have looked in her stash and found a really fun flower, stamped it on your cast and even if she couldn't color it (cast looks kind of bumpy) added some glitter glue or something sparkly :) Maybe you could do it with your left hand! Glad you all had fun at your get-together.

Regan said...

LOL...I love it..I'd embellish the hell outta that thing!!

Becky said...

Paula is a chicken :) :), It looks cute, but I have to agree with Reagan, hehehe

leenda said...

Bless your heart! You are missed in the stamping world but are worth the wait!!


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